Hi, and boy am I glad I found this site! I'm not really big on those new RPGs, especially the action ones, but I LOVE traditional ones, such as the Dragon Quest series. So those are what I look for the most. Other things about me, I'm a gamer, and it tends to show, I tend to not watch a whole lot of tv, but when I do, I enjoy mostly comedies like Family Guy. I haven't attempted to make any games with RPG Maker VX (I need to, I payed 60 dollars for it) but I'll try to real soon. Well, that's all really, sorry I can't think of much more. I pretty much work and play games. I guess it's good that I work at least.




Actually my friend, while they may look like the standard VX chibis, those are custom made sprites using a custom made template by one of my friends over at a different site :)
And those facesets are all 100% original as well :)
I should clarify, VX-chibi style. I'm just not a fan of the XP/VX type graphics in general, just preference.

The character portraits are also fantastic, by the way.

What graphics do you prefer? Oh, picky one.


Nice, Mother 3 battle system... but without the musical combo system?

Mattress Kingdoms

This is the only game I'm subscribed to. But I wonder... what is going on? Is this still in the works, I hope.

Take Down: Narwhal of Doom

Just finished it. The ending was easily the funniest moment. Overall, it was an enjoyable bit of fun, but weak compared to your others. It's extremely short length, plus only one lack-luster battle didn't help either. I look forward to one of your bigger ones, that ties into the overall arching story (Maybe this one does, I couldn't tell, lol!)

Hallow's Eve

Nice story, too bad the killer is obvious, but otherwise a fine tale. Not a happy one in the slightest either. I don't know what last puzzle was hard though, they were all easy. Did I miss anything in the game. Cause I notice their is a game over screen in a folder, and battle animations and a battle character. But I never saw any of that used in the game.

Megaman X: Past Rising (title pending)

Being an RPG, yeah, they expected a good story. If you wanted to focus on gameplay, it would have been better to make it a platformer.

Paul Moose In Space World

You seem to have a very interesting graphical presentation with your games.

Edit: lol! I froze the game more or less. I took the periscope and went exploring around and the likes then came back to the starting point of the game. I right clicked on the red block where the periscope used to be, and then clicked on use. The game died then, I could still move the cursor around and hear the music, but couldn't click on anything or even properly exit or anything. Leave it to me, to kill any game I am playing.


Upon closer inspection he is actually behind the chair.

Space Funeral Review

It was made in RPG Maker because the most interesting thing about electronic games is not whatever boring calculator/boardgame shit passes for gameplay but the ability to make and explore a space which is experienced in a completely different way than in other media, which leads to differences in pacing and structure etc.
Exploration is part of the gameplay...

I wasn't trying to imply that battles = all gameplay.

JRPGs, which is what a lot of RPGs on here are based after, tend to focus on story over game play. The same could be said about adventure games of the past and present. And don't get me started on Metal Gear Solid.


I'm surprised at how well all that stuff does on that backdrop. It actually looks like it is there, thanks to nice mapping. I'm gonna have to play this, providing that my computer wants to run it.