Demo update.

Glad to see you're still at work on this. Get it!

Removing my game from this website.

Got a notification from RMN saying they rejected my wooden ocean submission. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yo, I didn't resubmit... I hit delete. Da fuq.

Erase this page from existence.

4.0.2 Icons and Stability

Didn't even realize this was commented on. My notifications are just flooded with other games. Might have to unsubscribe a few. was updated to 4.0.1 almost a week before your comment. Not sure why it didn't show up for you. (that said, itch just now got updated to 4.0.2)

Yeah, that 64 thing was unintentional. Skill will be x6 luck in the next update. (next update is bringing some new animations for skills, as well as a new quest line in your ghost town)

As for the Alex and Amelia thing, there's a debate in the game's world on what is UR and what is RUR. This is the core theme behind the final chapter, so it'll be better explained in the future. In short, Alex and Amelia, like most educated, are kind of in between.

The Lost V1.5.4 Released

Glad you're still working on this. It's a good game with a lot of potential.

Looming Spire Notes - Relics

Looking fancy. The charge boots remind me a lot of Metroid.

Long time

That's good news.

Now get back to work! *cracks whip*

Lots of Stuff

Hey, I'm still alive and I am working on it!

It's all good for not doing any updates. Focus on your real life stuff.

Version 2.086 Released

Fancy fancy.

New Tileset Showcase

Yeah, remove or lower the volume to the rooster.

Game is looking good yo.