Fear & Hunger: Termina

I'm liking this game's aesthetic more than the first one. Keep it up.

"The Depths"

Game looks good. It deserves more attention.

Corruption of Laetitia

lol, yeah, the bugs never end. They just keep multiplying, and multiplying.

*also has a huge game*
*also cries in the corner from the eternal onslaught of the bugs*
*has become addicted to icecream*

Umbral Soul

You start up Umbral Souls 2. You watch a few cutscenes, then everyone dies, credits roll, and you sit staring at the screen, frustrated you have to wait 3 days to buy a gun.

Creator Deleted This

After 2+ years of updating the game, this is the first time I forgot to double check itch. Sorry about that. It'll be uploaded later tonight or tomorrow. (if you want, pm your email and I'll give you a steamkey to help with the inconvenience)

The Lost Demo

Fancy fancy.

Creator Deleted This

Rakenzie has been known to crash months ago, but I never had a crash on the learn system before. That's definitely new.

If it happens some more, let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Looking through the scripts, I may have found the culprit. There's a script meant to help with frame rate, but in turn, may be causing the game to crash instead. (as well as skip over events) It'll be removed this weekend. Hopefully that will fix the random crashing issue.

In the mean time, try not to run too many programs at once, especially if you're on a slower computer. The slower the game goes, the more the script takes effect.

MMORPG on RMN? Interesting.

Creator Deleted This

The repeat was fixed on the patch yesterday. Still haven't applied it to the memory thing yet.

Btw, how was chapter 5? Haven't had much feedback on it yet.

Creator Deleted This

It's all good. Your picture was both a good idea, and saved me some time.

I award you, two murdas and a steak from flavor.