Looks fancy.

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I feel bad for all the mistakes lol. I appreciate you guys for finding them all. (and by guys, I mostly mean you kenlan. You´re like a bug zapper. Me and my tester/room mate are gonna have talk... but ultimately it´s my fault, not his. So, me and the mirror then)

Yeah, the game is big mapping wise. (and as of today, it´s about 25% bigger with 5 new areas. As well as 24 new spells, 50 more new weapons and armor, and an extended storyline) Mapping was never something I thought I´d like. In fact, I hated it at first. But slowy, I came to love it.

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I`ts a very good game ,i only will tell you that when you look att the map on the wall you can``t exit the map even if you choose yes i will exit.
And when i was lonlely in my party and met
the skeleton king
suddenly two other characters showed up and talk.
Marcus and Amelia

Also you seems to have changed the character portrait(of the lead character) sometime because sometimes another character face shows up when talking.For example when you read the notes on the table :i`ll find you Marcus no matter what.
I can be more specific if you want.
Have you ever been thinking about some sort of questbook ?
And in the catacombs in their room you can walk through the wall to the left under the plant and in the right corner too.I was walking around over and around the room very long just to see if it was some secrets. (passabillity issues)

Thank you for pointing out those mistakes. I´ll correct them right away.

Also, I´m glad you liked the game.

As for the questbook, it´s definitely a grey area for me. I was kinda against it months ago due to the lack of quests at the time, but with you and another person bringing this up, as well as 2 more sidequests in the game as of yesterday, I think the WO would benefit from it now instead of it being unnecessary fluff.

Monster Garden

Props to the unique art.

Moonlight Soldier

Nice mapping, and the progression system looks interesting. I look forward to August 31st.

Umbral Soul

I actually want to play this game. That´s not a common occurence for me. How far done are you?

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Edit: The posts before this were hidden due to how old they were. The game has gone through drastic improvements throughout the years. So if you're reading this comment section for information, I suggest you skip a few pages.

Altars of Fate -Chronicles of the Heaven's Crest-

Looks great! Hmmmmmm... says commercial. How much will be the price?