Creator Deleted This

Oh, that you have. And it's the same thing I was thinking. This is what I get for posting stuff right after work.

...what you doing in my game?!

I feel violated :(

Creator Deleted This

Now fixed.

The ability to skip it? Hmmmmmmm… not sure how I should implement that.

Perhaps pressing a certain button goes straight to the loading screen? I'll look into it. See what works.

Creator Deleted This

Thanks for finding those, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the game so far.

I currently got my head wrapped around some giant new procedural areas, but I'll take a look at all those when I'm done. Will most likely get a patch up next weekend. (which may even include one or both of the giant new areas)

Creator Deleted This

Thanks for finding that. There will be an update some time tomorrow.

Fear and Hunger

Yeah, the lag stopped me from getting into it. My computer ain't that great, but it's at least the strength of a ps3.

When is this being finished? Cause if it's years down the road, the lag thing won't be that big of a problem due to future computers. But if it's coming out this or next year, or even the year after that, you're gonna have to find some way to reduce it.

It's a shame though, cause the game looks great. :(

Umbral Soul

Yo man, this game ain't got malware. The programs you're using are most likely lying to you so you'll pay for their services. That, or they just suck at their job.


Heard we got similar games in terms of length and setting, so I'm gonna check it out.

Also, we got the same guy, bicfarmer, making the first post on our page... I think we're the same person. O_O

She Dreams Elsewhere

Looking good yo.

Broken Reality - Version 14

Game looks interesting. Downloading now.

Bleeding Sun

Good name.