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Thanks for the compliment. Even though it's not your cup of tea, I hope you check it out one day.

btw, I like your avatar. It's both menacing and sophisticated. I really need to change my mine. I feel my beard/age intimidates or creeps people out. Most likely the latter.

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Thanks, I'll have those fixed for the June update.


Your game looks interesting. Don't know why there are no posts.

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Yeah, that's definitely a strange one. I'll look into it when I can.

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(as for the quest hub of the hunters guild, it's intentionally hard to find. That said, a teleport of some kind would be nice)

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Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

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The sloth demon is far south of the alchemist. You'll need a key in order to reach it.

The valez quest isn't done yet, and won't be a for a while, hence why the cost is so high. (and the reason why it is says future content on the side)

Thanks for finding those, but the game is already being uploaded. (it's just taking another unusually long time)

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Fixed those and a few other things for tomorrow's hotfix. After that, it's back to work mapping this new town for March.

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Since that's a game breaking bug, I'm gonna upload a hotfix tomorrow. Kumada,send me your save file on discord, and I'll resolve it for ya right away.

Thanks Starmage! I hope you have fun checking it out!

The Seven Seals

This RPG looks fancy. Subbed.