Umbral Soul

Oh damn, double posted. That's a first.

My beard must've hit enter immediately after my hand did. That, or it secretly has its own computer.

Umbral Soul

Umbral Soul

Next year? That's like, a whole year from now maybe. This is not murda. You will have your game done tomorrow, or else.

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Thanks for the feedback on the Infinite Hotel. I'll look into those bugs and think of a way to put a random no return teleporter into some of the rooms. (kind of like how a save spot currently shows up in some of them) I'll be sure to have Alex say something about it being a one way thing before a person uses it.

That whole zone will be heavily worked on in the far future to include secret dungeons, towns, and even elevators. But right now, it's pretty much bare bones.

Zack's Ultimate RPG Lite

Very interesting battle system. Subbed.

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Glad you're still enjoying the game. Sorry much of the sailing areas aren't made yet, but they will be in time.

As for the bugs, I'm gonna look at everything you came across.

And to answer your question about the angel harp exit, there is one. It's just a little hidden.

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It'll be all fixed and updated through the magic of Steam. The next update will be around x-mas.

Oh, you're in the North side of the Water Temple. Yeah, you'll need a key to go into its South side. The key is found in a different place or can be purchased from a secret merchant.

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Thanks for the additional feedback and finding those potential bugs. I'll look into em before the next update.

Edit: I don't think the mods here like multi-posting. So, just edit the same post in the future like I'm doing now. That said, I appreciate you finding stuff. It really does help out the game.

Double edit: For the Poetry of Bronze III, you got 3 out of 4 right. Updated the hint to; the truth is rarely told.

Triple edit: In the Water Temple, you said you ran from the octopus? You mean, the Kraken Summoner? He can't be ran from... hmmmmmmmm... anyways, the water temple quest completion bug is fixed, as are all the other ones that were bugs.

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Thanks for the honest feedback. It'll help me improve the game and focus on what needs to be, well, focused on.

As for the whole Souls like thing, it's funny you bring that up, because someone else said the same thing recently. So for the next update, which will arrive around x-mas, I'll be changing the game's genre description to something more accurate.

Anyways, good luck and don't die too much.

Abyss (demo)

Interesting graphics.