It´s just a simple damage move that costs HP instead of MP. If you ever play the game, pick the carbon element at the start.

Any idea when this will be done?


The title drew me in because I have a bone spell with the same name. Now I´m staying because of how good this bone game looks. Subbed.

Creator Deleted This

Thanks, I appreciate that. :D

Umbral Soul

To quench the thirst of grindy players, you should do an optional super boss.

Dream Eater

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Your game looking fancy yo. Good luck on it!

Pumpkin Noir

Your game looks great, keep up the good work. (justed watched Nitro Rad do a video on it)

Dark and Bright

Subbed. How do you have zero comments?

Bound By Faith

Tbh, I rarely play RM games that are in development. But I´ll give this try when the final episode is complete.

Good luck on your game!

Bound By Faith

Subbed. Despite the assets, your game looks interesting.

About how long will it take you to complete it?