Looks interesting, and I hope you finish it. (us dark games must stick together)

Umbral Soul

Umbral Soul

Get a twitter and hook it up here.

Dog Adventure

Rockbottamus is the best monster design ever created.

Virgo vs the Zodiac

Your game looks great!

Umbral Soul

Damn guillaume, you post a lot. In fact you post so much, I don't think you realize the concept of notifications. Like, about 70 people will get a notification everytime a person posts on this game page. (because if you scroll up, you´ll see this game has 70 subscribers) My daily routine, and maybe a dozen people here as well, has become reading whatever it is that you typed that day.

Now, I´m not saying don't post, post all you need to. Your love for the game is authentic, and the game rightfully deserves all the love it can get. But what I am saying is, just don't do it too much, and if you really need to contact Wheel, use private messages. And if he doesn't respond in time, just wait. Patience goes a long way. That said, I see you edited your last post, so progress has been made. Yay to progress!

OMNIS - the Erias Line (DEMO)

Damn, that´s sad to hear. People can be pretty ruthless sometimes, especially if they're anonymous. (and even more so if they're not the target audience)

Edit: out of curiosity, I searched for that reddit, and yeah, I see what that guy was saying. If you´re gonna say you´re different, than be different. Omnis is different, but not genre breakingly different, or at least not yet. Like, look at Lisa the Painful. THAT game is different, and everyone can tell this with just one glance at both the premise and the screenshots. But I´m sure you already know this by now and have since devised a master game making plan of some sort. >:)

OMNIS - the Erias Line (DEMO)

I noticed while playing it years ago that the battle system had terrible framerate. (mainly due to my mediocre computer at the time) This, tbh, was a little disappointing and ruined the combat for me. So much so, that it solidified my choice in keeping my own game front view.

But there´s two easy answers to this. 1, computers are better now, so the average person will now have good enough hardware to compensate for it. And 2, if you compress your battle sprites and animations with those free online picture compressors, the lag will literally be cut in half so no one will ever experience it, and yes, the pictures will still look exactly the same. It´s a win win. (according to a couple scripters I know, VX Ace doesn't use caches, so it has to constantly reload stuff all the time, hence the lag and why everyone should compress their stuff)

That, and I think the puppet switch puzzle being a little too hard for a early game area are the only constructive criticisms I have on the demo. Everything else was solid, and that looking out of the window part was cool af. (also, I remember some faceset needing work. I think it was the random guy)

I´m glad you´re putting more time into this, and I hope you put it on Steam, even Early Access if you have to. Kickstarter was just one route to making Omnis successful, and every game has different routes to get to success. Kickstarter was just not yours. But you honestly don´t require it. You don´t need to hire a pixel artist, because you are one! Yes, you´ll still have to work at your job or whatever it is that you do, so progress will be slow, but some progress is better than none. So take this game off hiatus goddamnit!

A Story Beside

Game looks great! (hopefully it gets greenlighted in time)

OMNIS - the Erias Line (DEMO)

Your skillset is more than fine. You have the rare ability of creating awesome pixel art, as well as a great story. A 100,000+ copy commercial game is well within your grasp. You could make the next To The Moon or Lisa if you just pushed yourself again.