Fear and Hunger

Fear and Hunger

Breaking things is an amazing talent. Never lose that, even if you´re in a marriage.

Anyways Orange, your game looks very well done. I´m gonna download it and check it out. You know, give it a whirl. See what body parts shoot out.

Save Your Mother

Game looks interesting. Strange there´s no comments.

Heroes of Alore

Okay, and yeah, it still needs a lot of work. (fadeout your music and use waits for your scene transitions!) That said, your story is a step more interesting than your last one, but I stopped playing after the forest.

I´ll stay subbed and try it again in a few months.

Heroes of Alore

Hey Rose, I just randomly clicked on a game and well... saw it was yours! So, by the hand of fate, I´ll go download this now and seen how you´ve progressed over the years. (I think visual novels would work well for you. I don't know why I never suggested them before)

Terrarium: Remastered

A couple hours in on extreme, and it´s really good. If you overlook the graphics, it has some solid gameplay underneath. (which is why you´ll most likely be playing it in the first place) Definitely a good job for your first game, and I hope you do that remake.

Creator Deleted This

Creator Deleted This

Lol, thanks for the kind words. (But I must warn you, the new last boss is even harder now. So much so, that you may get carpal tunnel from wrathful hand shaking)

Anyways, the icon hotfix is now up. It removes any icon I thought was from another game and replaces it with generic VX Ace stuff. Many treasure chests will now display the wrong weapon or armor icon, or even no icon at all, but don't worry, this will be addressed soon. Also, if you see anymore icons from other games, feel free to send me a PM so I know for certain not to keep em. I´ll be doing a minor update this Sunday to fully fix the icons.

Good luck, and don't die too much.

Edit: Also, shout out to the person who just purchased the game. The WO is now at 8 copies sold and is 1 step closer to out selling every game ever made.

Creator Deleted This

The game is now on the front page as a hidden gem! (I feel so important right now) Thank you for whoever put that up there!

As for the icons, I´ll go spring cleaning on them again and delete anything questionable. Thanks for letting me know some are still in. I´ll update it later today. The icon quality will drop, but it is what it is, got to keep those suits off me. That said, the next big update will have some new ones.

Also, you´re the 3rd person to bring up a journal, so I´ll into it. I can see it helping the game at this point.

As for the demo question, the answer is yes. In fact, it´s not just a demo, it´s a full game with a last boss and ending! (*mumble mumble* minus half of the side areas, 2 of the difficulties, and the ending is a little bit shorter due to one of those missing side areas)

Umbral Soul

Nah bruh, hire 500.