Karma Flow 2 - Steel Skin

Looks interesting. Subbed.

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Sneaked in a 3rd accessory slot last night before any downloads were made. (increased enemy tech rate to balance it) The 3rd slot may crash the game for previous saves if you try equiping anything onto it, so save before you do. If you´re late game, you´re fine using just 2 accessories since the new enemy tech rate won´t do much to you, but the closer you are to early game, the more I recommend a new playthrough.

Good luck and have fun with the new build possibilities.

Toymaker - Prologue

Looks good. I love the art style.

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Cool, I´ll have the build ready in late Jan. Nice fight btw.

That number on the sword, and this goes to all weapons and armor, is just weight. I just looked at both weapons, and they´re fine. Just a little misunderstanding mixed with most likely comparing two characters with two different sword progress.

Golem and Ghost Ship facesets are currently being worked on. Also, the Golem is only for your mines, so he´ll leave when you leave. As for the shop, just talk to him when he´s not in your party and look for the option called parts.

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Thanks for the feedback and bugs, I´ll throw you into the credits for the January update. (Feb is gonna have a small update with a heavy focus on testing. If you´re interested, let me know)

As for the puzzle, the truth has no thieves was originally it´s hard to use something when you don´t have it. Hopefully that hint helps.

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Yeah, all the updates are free, and if the price ever raises in 2017 or 2018, you´ll be grandfathered in. To install a new version, simply extract the new one over the old and continue where you left off.

Thanks for the purchase, and I hope you enjoy the changes. (some of them were because of you)

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Updated the CSS to the gamepage.

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Many fixes and improvements have been made these last few months. With the newest update, v1.3.1, the game is more polished and bug free than ever. And in the coming months, it will only be more so and with even more content.

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Next update, I´ll shorten the demo by having it begin with the MC entering the catacombs.

Dream Eater

Great job! Following for sure.