A question...

Lenneth valkrie and Etheria Queen will be great challenge

RSW Prototype Feedback

@sorceressKyrsty: I want to ask you in your game is still have GF menu like the original final fantasy VIII because i don't seen GF in your menu of your game thanks

Active Time Battle & Crisis Mode

@Couillard :Is this Random battle music from FF VIII Is looks awesome is this your original arrange???

Hurricane Sandy

Goodluck be safe and take care I will wait for your return :D

Development blog

sorry out of the topic for some reason Your site on mystic quest remastered can't access why ??? thank you

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

That's good game i love the story of the game ^^

Final Fantasy IV - VX

I want ask you the creator of the game, Have your game have new game+ and bonus dungeon like in gba or psp version (sorry my english is not good enough ) thank you

Final Fantasy IV - VX Zemus and Zeromus Battle and Eventing

as i remembered ninjutsu of edge is blitz, flood,smoke,pin and image

Final Fantasy IV - VX Zemus and Zeromus Battle and Eventing

As i Remembered Rydia can summon leviathan where is the leviathan I didn't see it and edge not only flame elemental attack thank you
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