Hero's Realm

Although the map was not checked as read-only, somehow the map itself must have been the problem, because I copied your map into the folder and then my save file worked perfectly.

Thank you very much for your help with this.

Hero's Realm

I have uploaded 2 files to my locker.
Save 15 is in the Waiting Room, so all you have to do is to try and exit up the stairs.
Save 8 (if you need it) is before the party flies to Paranor and enters the city.

Thank you.

Hero's Realm

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I've played this, and have never had a problem. This time however, I'm getting a game crash.

It happens when I go to leave the Waiting Room in Paranor to have the split party fight to defend the Child of Light. On going to the stairs I get
Map0837.lmu cannot be opened

I have tried downloading the game again in case my copy was somehow corrupted, and picked up from a save file immediately before going to Paranor. Once again, I can get into the city and then into the Grand Hall followed by the Waiting Room and the dialogue about needing to protect the Child of Light, but when I go to leave, I still get the error message. I have checked in the game folder and map 0837 is shown as being there.

Any idea what might be happening?


That, for me, is so counter-intuitive. As I said above, I'd got the tile sequence to display in the void, but it never occured to me that I would have to walk on an 'open' tile to reach them - I assumed that because they didn't start at the edge I would fall through the void as I had when I'd experimented with what this space did.

Oh well, that will teach me not to make assumptions.

Thanks for your help.


I'd turned up to edit my previous post to say nvm, I've solved it. I'm more than relieved to see the back of this one.
Thank you, though, for posting the full solution. I expect someone else at some stage is going to need this.
I'm glad to see that this is the most difficult puzzle in the game. I couldn't bear the thought of them getting even more difficult.

Having said that, the third White Dragon puzzle has me flummoxed. I can't even work out what I'm supposed to do! This is the one where tiles appear in the middle of the void. I can't reach them (stepping towards them just means I fall through), the blocks don't appear in either this or the previous room. So what's supposed to happen? It's not that I am unintelligent, it's the perennial danger of puzzles/mini-games. Unless the player has the same way of thinking as the dev, what is obvious to the dev is a blank wall to the player.


Not sure about the bumping rule here, but as this is such a different question, and I don't know if djc has already seen the above, it has to be a new post to get a notification to him.

It's the numbers section of the Black Dragon in the Nexus of Ordeals. I got the combinations which enabled me to get through all the doors, leaving only the final -16 door to open. I, however, have only -6.

All the torches I have access to (the 2 rooms to the left) only have torches with positive numbers, so I cannot bring the total down any further. I've tried a lot of times now, and always end up at the same point. How is this supposed to be done?



Pirate Jack and Swank and they're just on the right side of the ship, not underneath the ship like the others are.

That is where I expected to find them, but sadly they are not there, only the characters not in the current battle party.

I'm sure it's the patch problem, and I'm not expecting/hoping that you'll be able to do anything about it. I only mentioned it as an aside.


Those diagrams have saved my sanity. Thank you.

If you're playing an old version, but applied the most recent patch, things are going to be very haywire.

This may explain some other oddities.
The Swank quest is complete, but I can't find him on the ship.
Pirate Jack Pidgeon has been recruited, but I can't find him either.
Technology Monthly has been given to King Thoth. When I played this years ago, that got you the drill. Now that the drill quest no longer exists, I am stuck with him wanting to know what reward he should give you.


Back again.
I thought that in order to initiate the drill quest, all I had to do was to speak to the workmen at the back of the Triangle Island base. However, all that happens is that one of them keeps repeating that he keeps asking for the drill, but it never comes.

What am I missing?

EDIT (quite some time after the original post)
Actually, the above may be a redundant question as I am on the verge of giving up. I've probably put in close to 2 hours in total trying to do the boulder puzzles in the Gold Dragon challenge in Dragonoir, and all I've managed to complete is the left hand cave, which was pretty straightforward. The other 2 on this floor I've tried, and tried and... and, I suppose, there are more floors to go. I think I shall lose the will to live long before I reach the dragon.


I'll correct this in the next mini-patch.

Thank you