Save Your Mother Review

If the player finds that they are taking too much damage by dashing, then they can choose to turn it off in the Options Menu - that's the point of giving the player choices. I personally don't find this to be a problem except very rare instances where ultra precision is needed, usually only during mini-games.

I think you need to check out what 'defensive' means. If people keep on saying to you that you are being defensive, you might at least consider what it is you are doing which consistently creates that impression.

As for not thanking someone because they said it wasn't necessary - that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. It's considered politeness, and shows that you are grateful that someone has made a significant effort on your behalf. Too late now, of course.

Save Your Mother Review

There is no reason at all why a 'Gained Item' notification should grant any immunity. Done as an ordinary event, it will not allow the player to move or do anything until the player hits the action bar/button, which then removes the notification.

I see you have not directly addressed the comments about mapping, which is very much entry level standard imho. Better mapping would also have solved the problem with your hellcasket minigame - you map to take account of what the engine can do (more than you seem to imagine) not what it can't do. I have seen very competent and enjoyable side-scroll sequences that have not required pixel movement scripts. Neither did you address e.g. the lack of autodash.

Responding to a point does not have to equal justifying why it is the way it is and being all defensive. You could say, for example: - good point, I'll include autodash in my next game; or - I'm sorry you didn't like the mapping, I wanted to keep the layout simple because the secrets are hard enough to find without having to navigate a complex map (though in passing I would say that interesting does not automatically mean convoluted). There are a whole lot of different ways of responding.

And I may have missed it, but despite prompting by another poster, I didn't see you thank the reviewer for taking a considerable amount of time and trouble to give you the feedback you said you wanted. This looks ungracious on your part, and will not help getting people to give feedback in the future.

Glacia Review

I've replied.

Glacia Review

I just double checked to make sure and you can use all restoration spells in battle. Perhaps you did not have the skill "equipped" when you failed to see it. Hope that helps.

I've looked at my saves, and they are all right at the end - I was being super cautious because I suspected a split party was coming up, so I can't re-create the conditions.

What I think would be fair would be to edit the review. As I said in the original, "I could be mistaken...". I could add something there along the lines of that being a strong possibility/probability that I am indeed mistaken.

I've submitted the edited version. I have no idea how long these things take to work through the system.

Glacia Review

The minor mana drain is one of the things that I came unstuck on because of the problem with the miss rate. Several times I used a character's turn to do this in the happy expectation that the other members would deal with dishing out the damaging, only for both them to miss, followed up by a couple of more misses while the enemy cheerfully hammered me. Though it is enormously improved since the demo, it is still sometimes a problem.

As for it being/not being available in battle, I'll see if I've got a save file where I had it equipped and it didn't show up.

Manifest Review

It just means you'll have to play it again someday.

I will, you can be sure of that.

Manifest Review

Nothing against this game in particular that I played it without sound; I always do. In part it's so that I don't disturb anyone else, but also because although I like music, I can't stand all the cheeps, chirps and beeps that usually are assigned to any use of the cursor (scrolling down a long inventory with a beep per items can reduce me to a quivering wreck)and the battle sound effects distract me if I'm trying to think tactically. I know, however, that these are all popular elements so I just automatically play with the sound off.

The Epic of Gilgamesh Review

I have played it all the way through, and I think this review is pretty fair. I don't consider myself to be an expert player, but I, too, basically breezed the game including the optional dungeons. By the way, you can either finish the main quest or finish all the optional dungeons, but not both. I re-loaded from an earlier save so that I have played both endings. I found that disappointing, and I'm not an absolute completionist, so if you are, be prepared for that.

Garden Review

I've finished the game after Rhyme fixed the things mentioned in the Review and enjoyed it. There is still the problem that the hooded guy/young man near the beginning doesn't join you, but given Loke's badass character, having only 2 in the party didn't seem to be too much of a handicap. I thought the balance between the effort of exploring and rewards available is now pretty good, and the maps were well done.
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