Ultimate Battle Gate RPG Demo Version

As Megaupload is no more, could you put your download on this site? Otherwise, say goodbye to any feedback

The Damulan Legacy

I'm stuck trying to get through Dreidenfore cave to reach the village. I've read the earlier posts on this, but I'm still not getting anywhere. Any help would be gratefully received.

I've thrown the one switch, as suggested. If I go down a level to the railway track, it's now connected and I can reach a little platform with a healing bucket and another one with a pile of gold. Nothing further. So I went back over the higher levels looking for the "platforms" which would take me to the rooms with the other switches, and cannot find them. This process has done wonders for leveling up and earning money, but hasn't actually got me any further into the cave.


Epic Elf (2013)

Found a bug. You get the message that the bounty hunter has died, but he carries on and does his attack even after that. It's only when he's finished making his move that you get the battle over screen with exp, loot etc.

Adventure of Wind

Have tried to download, and when it's extracting it keeps getting stuck on "graphics\Characters\!Other1.png

Unfolded Stories

Why is this cancelled? It was looking seriously good.

Epic Elf (2013)

OK, I've played as far as the bounty hunter, so here are some initial thoughts.
Overall assessment: worth developing further, but some issues

So that there isn't a big wall of text and because there are some spoilers, I'm hiding my comments

I've not found any bugs; big plus
Mapping is fine.
Good variety of enemies, making the 'mixed' groups interesting. Strategy is required.
I think I've found/done everything except I was called away when I was about to fight the little girl in the Spirit Forest, and of course when I re-loaded, she'd gone. Anyway, there is enough direction in the game to enable the player to move things along without it being too much a hand holding exercise.

The story line is too skimpy. The characters are mere ciphers, there is virtually no interaction between them. There are plenty of opportunities for inserting additional dialogue e.g. after Brawl activates his first statue you could have triggered some comment about his previous time with Dagree. I think many players want something more than just a simple 'hit everything that moves' motivation for characters' actions. Yes, you are given reasons why you have to e.g. go to the Winter Cave, but it's not fitted into any overarching story except that Dagree wants to find some treasure.

I think you need to be a bit cautious about some of the permanent bits of dialogue. What works as a one off can become tedious when it is repeated again, and again, and again and again. For example, what the inn keeper says in Magistic is fine for the first time round, but after that I just clicked through it as rapidly as possible; it just got in the way. In cases like that, I think subsequent interactions could have something shorter and to the point.

Difficulty levels jump quite significantly. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does require reasonable opportunities for leveling up. However, all that is available is going into Piledrive Graveyard, hit the pillar to get sunset, go up, defeat one enemy, exit and repeat. This is what I'm doing in an effort to get past the bounty hunter who, IMO, is over-powered for this stage - unless there's a fourth character I could have picked up to replace Brawl which I haven't succeeded in finding (trust me, I've looked). Here's where the lack of a real story comes in again; I need to be sufficiently interested in what's going to happen to put up with a long grinding session.

Finally, a completely different thing - your brief description of the game when it comes up before getting to this page includes the words "and it's RTP". The word it's, with an apostrophe, is an abbreviation for "it is", not a possessive pronoun, which is simply "its".

If I succeed in getting past the bounty hunter (and I wouldn't reject some advice on how to do that) I'll give feedback on the remainder.

Just to be clear - I do think it would be worth while finishing this project; you have the basis for a good game.


If you're where I think you are, try this.
2 of the boulders you need are hidden behind the rock formations: one to the left, and the other in the middle.

RJ's Adventure

Any chance of having the download on this site? My computer does not like megaupload.


Don't know if there's anything you can do now except reload from an earlier save. The enslaved men are in Mt. Phoenix, south a little and east of Doolig village and as far as I know, you can't progress the story until you've released them.


I noticed that on the front page of the games section, this shows as 548 downloads, but here on its own page it's 485. Something's gone wrong somewhere.