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Don't square things up. Space the trees out a bit and make them look a bit more natural.

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Nice hairdo.


Mapping is unusual. Try not to map trees in a straight line- it's un-natural.


I think that's why it's catagorized in 'Other'.

Silly Ninja Kingdom Hearts 3

Apparently you are not creating a 'Serious' RPG, something that isn't so cartoony and mixed up. If you are, I wouldn't recommend characters from other games.

Planning your RPG

The first thing I personally would do is think about the game's size. Is it going to be massive, or is it going to be small...? Then, I move on to the genre of the game. After that, the most usual thing is to create a prologue backstory, then write a story from that. That's basically iamnot's idea, but thinking about Size first. Then I wander to exploration, what I want the player to see in the game, enter dungeons, towns, forests, and whatnot.


Guardia Castle...? Does that help?

Dragonheart VX

What's with the wacked out title..? "FUTAGONOKAMISAMA II"


Looks like a very good side-scroller. I hope more of your games turn out like this.

Quintessence - The Blighted Venom

Quintessence has been on my top 10 list for RMXP games for a while now. Downloading as well, I'll update this post when I'm done (which won't be for a while).