Jake's Party Switch Tutorial

I'd just use a evented party switch map. Of course, it isn't in RM2k because of it's low key support.

Newest Films!

I don't really like spoils before I watch a movie, anything like "It's good" or "It's awesome" tends to be put on hold until I actually WATCH the movie. Hey, you can't really tell if anyone is telling the truth.

I'm looking forward to something like "The Ruins", or a movie to the book "The Titan's Curse", written by Rick Riordan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Titan's_Curse

author=brandonabley link=topic=834.msg11086#msg11086 date=1206630195
I tend to not follow movie hype and rather watch movies I hear good things about (or more accurately have lots of stars on peer-reviws on Netflix). It's been a pretty reliable system. So it's not like the way I follow video games at all.

However, I am looking forward to Dark Knight. It might be creepy though watching the movie knowing Heath Ledger was bound to commit suicide immediately after filming.

Oh also SERIOUSLY DUDE you can't actually be excited about trash like The Mummy 3. It's like getting psyched for Rush Hour 4 which we all know will happen and we all know will be the best/worst movie ever but it's not like you should get excited about it.

I'm also looking forward to Dark Knight.

Dream Jobs?

When I was 8 I really wanted to become a writer, but now, I've changed what I really want to be. Maybe a bio-chemist, or even anything to do with science.

o.o wee for lost pass

... Did you check your email? RMN always emails you to confirm your account.

Release Something! Day II [Discussion]

@Quiversee: Does it show a message when the game freezes, or what? I got a different... something like "The file 8 cannot be opened". If that's the case, there isn't the tileset "8" in the directory. (I had to change it manually)

Death Proclaimed III

Interesting, a third one. I can't wait for the full release.

Hard Parts of Game Making?

Something that would be hard for me is heavy coding. Usually, I just mess around with the battle system until I'm satisfied, but, sometimes, it just doesn't seem good with a sci-fi RPG. There are a lot of other hard parts of game making... like everybody else had said already.

@WIP: Programming is usually the fun part for me too.

Your Opinion

I'd prefer title screen4 and gameover screen 2. But that's just me.

[Final Demo] Demon Destiny 1

The custom battle system is interesting. Fighting was easy with it, but there was one little bug- the HP bar doesn't change when you have been hit. At the beginning, the training session with Hirota was especially easy- just corner the guy and attack. Minor grammar errors, but that's all to speak of.

New Objective System

This seems like Star Wars Battlefront II.