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Any League of Legends or Dota fans?

Soo me and my friends are wanting to start a small league of legends discord server, so we can have a decently big group without having to really dive into the much larger ones to find new people to play with. Its not just about LoL or Dota 2 its also all about video games in general, collecting, RPGs, and even game creation stuff. Probably say why not join a server with that stuff? I was challenged to try and build our little server into a full small community lol.

(also sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I didn't know whether to put this in general chat or video games or something)

Anyone that is interested I'll send you the invite via PM.

Anybody got tips on how to stay focused on making projects?

One of my major flaws is not staying focused, I keep getting caught up in my thoughts and other things that I tend to drop things and focus on other things.
This is one of the reasons why I haven't finished a single game yet, its not that I don't have interest in the game I'm working on, because I always desperately want to make a game, and have a clear vision on what I want to do. But can't stay focused enough to work on the game.

Anybody got any pro strats or tips to help stay focused? I will greatly appreciate it.

[Poll] What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

My favorite FF's are XV and XII.

- I loved the Characters
- I loved the open world
- The soundtrack was amazing
- I liked the combat

Dislikes on XV
the story was a mess, and no I haven't seen the movie.
Side quests were boring

XII (haven't finished this one yet, but here's my opinion so far)

- I love the characters, probably more so than XV, Balthier and Fran has to be some of my favorite characters in video games

- The soundtrack is freaking amazing

- The battle system is a lot of fun.

Dislikes on XII
How much grinding you have to do, I would say you need to grind more in this game than a lot of FF games. This goes for the original ps2 version, I haven't played the ps4 remaster yet.

Is it possible to post RPG maker FES games on here?

Title asks all, you know how you can share your created games online for everyone to download and play? And even search up games via an ID thing.

What if, you created a game page for your game, then add the id for people to be able to share it?

What do you think?

So I found an old unfinished script for a Castle Oblivion fan game.

So yeah I was digging around in my files and found this, I had wrote some of a script for a castle oblivion game at some point. Its horrible, trust me, but I figured why not post it and see everybody else rip it apart while lol. Go apeshit on it. (no I'm never going to make this game neither, if I had to guess the reason why I never finished is because I wanted to make something my own, my own IP and series)


Map- Black
“Doth my mind deceive me?” - ???
“Or have I been trapped in a world, unlike my own?” - ???
“There has to be a way to escape, someway, somehow”- ????
Fade out
(flashback scene)
*Fade in to inside of a wood house.
Professor Gabe is sitting on his chair, with beer bottles on the table in front of him.
A knock on the door
A young man steps in
“Professor, we missed you in class today, is there something wrong?” – Young man
“No, nothing is wrong. I woke up to late that’s all” – Gabe
“Well, the dean said he will give your class a second chance today. There’s still time left, if you want to come finish the day” – Young man
“No, I can’t, I just can’t” –Gabe
“Okay professor….Is there anything you need?” –Young Man
“No” – Gabe
*The young man steps out of house.
*Gabe gets out of his chair
“I need to get out of here” – Gabe
*Player Control
*Bustling City map (Take the route to the north, into the forest)
*Forest map (Medium)
*Gabe comes out of forest into a big clearing. In the clearing is a castle.
Fade out
Show Title- Castle Oblivion Hallow Memories

Chapter 1
Gabe is inside castle

*Castle interior map medium, there’s a second floor with stairs that lead up to it, there’s multiple rooms inside of the castle.

“Weird, it seems pretty normal on the inside” – Gabe

Mysterious voice- “Oh baby this castle is more than just an ordinary castle”

Gabe gets a little confused
A mysterious man with red hair appears out of a flame

“Hello there, I see you found my pretty little castle” – Red haired man
“How- how did you do that?” – Gabe says shocked

“Do what?” - Red hair man

“That flame and then appearing like that, there has to be some scientific answer to it” – Gabe

“Well, aren’t you a smart one, don’t even compliment my castle will you. It’s a magic trick simple” – Red Hair man

“There’s no such thing as magic”- Gabe

“Oh boy, you have no idea, I’m going to tell you a secret” – Red Hair man

“This castle is magical, It only appears to the people it wants to, and it seems it has taken a liking to you” –Red Hair man

“That don’t even make sense” – Gabe

“How else would a castle appear out in the middle of the forest?” Red Hair Man

“I guess you have a point, but it surely wasn’t magic” – Gabe

“Stubborn too, well If I can’t convince you with words, then I shall with proof, follow me” – Red Hair man.

Making a game meta but not too meta.

So games like Undertale and Oneshot tend to be very meta, but is there a line? We all know the cliche 4th wall broke so hard the characters fight the creator of the game as the final boss and blah blah blah. But what would you consider too meta? I have an idea, the characters feel a strange presences throughout the entire game, and have been getting out of bad situations easily, then they realize there was someone controlling them called the player, they at first don't like this idea, but later realize the player is only there to help them. Is this too meta? If you were writing for a game that is tends to be very meta, were would you draw the line on how meta it gets?

[Poll] Is Final Fantasy 13 trilogy that bad?

I've noticed that the 13 trilogy seems to be very split, some people love it, some hate it. What's your all opinions on it?

Want to get the Old School Modern 2 pack but can't find a place to buy it!

Title says all, I want to buy it but it won't let me buy it off RPGMAKER.com
Steam requires the steam version of VX ACE to use it... So can anyone point me to where I can get it?

I don't like Dark Souls 1 or 2..... Would I like Bloodborne?

I personally don't like Dark Souls 1 nor 2, I find the combat to slow for me and a little clunky, it feels like theirs a delay or something, the difficulty I could have gotten used to,if I put time into it. But I like being a faster paced aggressive fighter and I heard bloodborne is faster paced but I want to know more about it care to tell me more?.... I know Bloodborne is just as hard if not probably harder than DS 1 or 2, but like I said if I can get behind the combat I'll get used to it perfectly fine....What do you all say about it, would be a better game for me to play or should I just find something else?

[RMVX ACE] I need help with my game page..

So I have no clue how CSS works at all, and I really want to spice up my game page
by giving it a background like a blood red type of color sorta similar to the title picture. Anyone would care to help a guy out with it? Or at least tell me how to do so? It will be much appreciated!

Here's the game page
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