Gradius X: A Space Odyssey (2018)

Movement of the scenario 1.2
Automatic movement of people in 0.8
Control in all directions 0.5
Platform collision damage 1.5
Event damage other characters 1.2
Touch damage of event 1.2
Shot effect 1.2
Explosive effect 1.2
Event automatic movement 0.8
Sound effect 1.0
Music effect 1.2
Life lost 1.0
Equipment 1.2
Special effects 1.4

Total 15.4
Subtotal 10

Congratulations on your project I really liked your inspired game with great adventure in space but think about how to make a video to show in the gameplay and even then I really enjoyed your project but even so congratulations for having tried so hard...

rpgmaker.net needs your help (again)!

hello, my name is Lordg, alias, my name is Gabriel Lima, I am looking for a rm2k3 style battle with two or more players who make a special style combined attack or combined ability and I'm in doubt about it, there are some that make the style Final Fantasy 4 After Years with "Band" or Chrono Trigger that makes "Skill 2 or 3" and I'm looking like "rpg maker 2003" that makes this project and do not know how what are the functions of this attribute, is to know a this tutorial

An RM Venture

hoje vai ser um dia mais longo

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

isso seria ridiculo, so quero ver quem sabe fazer melhor do que eu, fazendo um rm2k3 dos cavaleiros do zodiaco, o melhor de todos alguem ja existiu >:o
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