Memories From The Black Rose Beta v.001

Im trying to play but it keeps saying that Audio/SE/switch1 cannot be found.....


hi i tried to play the game but when i try to open it. it says direct draw error. help?


i need help. is there a walkthrough for this game?

Needing Beta Testers.

since im stupid and totally forgot how to PM on this site ill post it here. I would like to beta test your game.

Bleeding Moons

it worked! thank you so much!

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i tried that but the thing is when i try to go up when they start talking(after i go right, from where i started.) ian turns the other way he wont go up. im sorry to be bothering you with all of this...

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i use the keyboard. i tried to stay to the right but every time i try to sneak pass the guard and luna it wont let me. its like there something blocking me on the right side.

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the one where you have to get in to the manison

Bleeding Moons

i cant get past the guard help!
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