Cover Your Eyes

Can someone explain the ending to me?

Did she go back in time to divorce her husband?

The Chronicles of Espiria

So, how are things coming along? Should we be expecting a epic scale rpg from the end product?

A Home Far Away

I know this is late. But have you tried sleeping in the inn? I think I coded the inn to reset the clock.
Yeah, slept at the inn, but it seemed to be stuck in a particular time of day.

The trigger for this is delivering the mail to the guy in the bird house. That, and I'm on win 10 OS, so i'm not sure how that's going to affect things. Tried this in compatibility modes as well, but still no luck.

Umbral Soul

Is this the Reverse story we're talking about? I thought that was a side-quel rather than a sequel.

Umbral Soul

possible ETA?

Umbral Soul

Well, that ending was something. Sequel in the works, yeah?

Umbral Soul

crap, how do i beat athena a second time?

Umbral Soul

thanks, wheel

Umbral Soul

and the last scenario of the second part of the scenario menu? I assume that comes about once I enter the capital?

Umbral Soul

i think i'm down to three unknown scenarios, but i'm not sure how to get them. I assume one of them has to deal with the vampire queen, since there was a part 1. Any suggestions on how to get part 2?
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