Worldbuilding 102: Makin' Magic

Those magic users you were listing off. Did any of them have the ability to cast Firaga?

Progress Update #1: 10/20/2015

I was surprised at how soon it came out as well. Like RPG Maker VX Ace, my only chance of getting it is probably in a humble bundle that comes out a number of years down the line.

What's going on? What is Reborn?! TELL ME!

Don't be sorry. I just have a really long backlog. I'm really excited for this game. I think that a November 2016 release date is pretty good date to shoot for.

What's going on? What is Reborn?! TELL ME!

I've been meaning to try and play the game after I lost my save file, but I think I'll just wait for you to complete this. Lord knows I need another reason to procrastinate...

The Heart of it All

So you went from a 20+ hour game, to a 5-7 hour game, to a 15+ hour game? Sounds like quite the roller-coaster.

Moar TriAnna and Affinities

Sounds really cool. I love when a character's traits carry over into combat. It makes an otherwise by the book job class into something unique and one of a kind. On a somewhat related note, I hate it when an NPC gets in your way and doesn't move.

Coming out swinging

Sound sweet. I hate when my attacks miss, so I like what I hear about the battle system.

Battle HP Bars

Did you change the colors? Everything looks... more polished than I remember. THe HP bars look really good, by the way.

Lions in sheep's clothing or vice-versa?

I don't "do" politics, but I'm quite interested in this game. I like that there's no good guy or bad guy. Just choices and consequences. I think it makes character a lot more interesting.

First Person Implementation?

I think that looks really cool! You did a really good job at the conversion.