Thanks. Now I just need a script to pass the 999 stat limit...

Moar TriAnna and Affinities

Sounds really cool. I love when a character's traits carry over into combat. It makes an otherwise by the book job class into something unique and one of a kind. On a somewhat related note, I hate it when an NPC gets in your way and doesn't move.


Notetags are broken. You can't have make a weapon that grants 1000 ATK, for example. I think somebody fixed the script, but I can't find it. I made a forum post about it.


Cool. I love it when games break that silly 9999 damage limit.


How did you break the 9999 damage limit? I'm pretty sure Yanfly's limit break script is broken.


That look in his eye. I bet he's evil.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Adjust Limit Fix

I have Yanfly Adjust Limit in my game. When I used the note tags to adjust starting values and equipment stats, they wouldn't work no matter how many times I tried. After a bit of research, I saw that it was a problem with the notetags. I saw on Yanfly's blog that somebody made a fix for the script since Yanfly didn't make one, but the site is down. I was wondering if anyone has the fixed script.

Coming out swinging

Sound sweet. I hate when my attacks miss, so I like what I hear about the battle system.

Battle HP Bars

Did you change the colors? Everything looks... more polished than I remember. THe HP bars look really good, by the way.

[RMVX ACE] Customizable Transformation Script

Hello! I was curious, has anyone made a script that allowed you to not only transform, but customize it like a player character. By customize like a player character, I mean that the transformation's equipment is independent from the character in question's equipment. For example. Alice equips a sword, but when she transforms, she's wielding a spear. I'll go into a bit more detail if this isn't enough information.