[RMVX ACE]Using the sprites to make an opening movie

I was watching a video game opening and was wondering, has anyone ever tried making an opening movie with the game sprites? I know its ALOT of work making an opening, but I'm curious to see if anyone has tried it. Using programs to zoom in on the characters, using movie maker and screen shots to place them properly. It seems possible, just extremely difficult. Anyone ever tried to do that?

How do you feel about only one gender as playable characters

I play a lot of Touhou. As some of you may know, almost all the characters in Touhou are girls. It made me curious, how does everyone feel about only girls as playable character (or only boys).

[RMVX ACE] A game where the main character isn't playable

I have been tossing around video game ideas. One of the ideas I had were the main character isn't a playable character. It isn't for some special reason, she just isn't good at direct combat and prefers to assist her friends on the side lines. What do you guys think of this? She still goes on the journey with them so besides not directly participating in combat, she will still be a member of the team.

[RMVX ACE] A skill replacing another skill when you HP reaches a certain point

In a game I'm working on I'm thinking that instead of different skill level (such as Fire 1,Fire 2, ect) I want a skill to grow stronger the lower your HP is. For example, If a character knows Fire and their HP drops below 50%, Fire will be replaced with Fire 2. I believe I got this to work with events but It is really difficult to navigate and very confusing. I was just looking for a script to make this easier. I have no idea what to type in the search to find a script like this, so it would be very helpful if you guys knew of such a script.

Any tips for mapping a Mansion?

I've been practicing my mapping skills but one thing that I've be having trouble with is mapping the outside of large buildings. I'm OK at mapping the inside of buildings and I've read a few mapping tutorials but do you have any tips for building like castles and mansions?

Would you play a game with HORRIFIC art if the story is REALLY Good?

Have any of you played Touhou? The games are most popular for their music but many
people think that the art is really bad. I like it and think that it has its own unique charm to it but their is no denying that it can be... at times. The question is can you stand to look at horrible art if other area's of the game work
really well such a the story?

Beginners Unite! Lets make a game!

Hello world! I'm a writer-in-training hear with a proposal for beginners
like me. Its a lot of work making a game and was wondering if anyone wanted
to work together on a project. I'm specifically looking for a spriter and a
musician but I'm willing to accept any help. This is suppose to help
beginners gain a proper footing when it come to making agame.

Does anyone know where I can find touhou sprites?

I was hoping that somebody knows where I can find sprites for touhou characters. I found sprites for most of the touhou character for touhou 6-11 but the trail
ends there. The link that the person had to whoever created the sprites was dead when I opened it(Why is it that about half of the links I click are dead).

Help converting a sprite into an RTP style one

I made a simple sprite that I want to act a mascot of sorts. I
don't want to give away any details right now but I really
need somebodies help converting this

sprite into a sprite that would go with the rest of the RTP
style graphics. Thanks in advance.

How to pull off adding futuristic elements in a Fantasy game

In the game I am working on, the majority of the game takes place in a
fantasy environment, just like your standard RPG. But since I decided to
a city in the game that is more or less like your average, real life city,
I was hoping you guys could give me some tips for making them all work
together. The way the world is, this is the only city that is anything like
a modern city, all the rest of the cities in the game are more or less your
average RPG towns. But I also want to add hints that more and more of the
world is going to go modern.
PS- I plan to be using the futuristic tiles from the Enterbrain site, if it