Do these sprites look good?

I was wondering what everyone else's thoughts were on these graphics?
Would you guys like to play a game with these graphics?

Yet another Sprite

Here's another
sprite I made for a game I'm working on. I really think I improved since my
last post. The hair was easily the hardest part but I took a look at another
sprite and used that as an example. Its not very detailed but I plan to clean
it up and make a character set.

Another Sprite I made

Here's another sprite I
made. I think for the most part its OK. If you don't know who that is, it Sakuya from touhou. Also I'm not done with the hair, why is hair so hard to draw.

My first Icon

I just finished my first Icon and wanted to show everyone

how is it? I think it looks pretty good and most of the colors look pretty natural.

Anyone need a writer

Does anyone need a story writer? I never get very far making my games but I still have a lot of story idea's. Does anyone need help with making a story?

My First Sprite

I just started learning to sprite and I wanted to see how I did.
here it is.
I notice a few mistakes I made. One is that it does not have enough colors.
how did I do?

I need somebody to do some art work

I am looking to do some artwork for my game. I'm looking for anime/manga style art for my characters. This
is one of the characters I need a full sized picture of.

I need some Touhou Project style music

I'm looking for somebody who can make Touhou style music. Its for a project that I'm working on.
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