Hi, I'm mannytsu. I like scary stuff and mandarins. I study 3D-animation and I love creating games and comics.
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"



Imaginary Friends Review

5 stars AND a teddy bear! That's the highest score I've ever gotten! I'm honored :') Thank you for your review!

Imaginary Friends

Hi! I love your game but i eem to be a bit stuck.
Im trying to get all the puzzle peices for the drawing.
I can tell its her and Alex but I'm missing the piece that actually say "Alex" would you mind tellling me where the pieces are? I dont mind spoilers I've just been trying to get past it too long ll

It's hard to say which of the piece you are missing, since it doesn't matter what order you find them. Check out this walkthrough

Goo luck! :)

Imaginary Friends Review

Hi! Thank you for writing an honest review! :) I really appreciate all the criticism, and I agree many things you've pointed out (many of the problems are due to this project starting as a not so serious practice project). So I'll definitely take a note from this.

Imaginary Friends

I Went to record the next episode of my let's play on this but I'm stuck:
I'm in cloud kingdom and the king is just asking if the kingdom is saved yet. I Just Heard the Bell Ring But I don't have any more problems to solve, also I Can't solve the mysterious note, I know it has to do with directions on the beach, But I can't figure out where to start, If Anymore context is needed the Let's Play Is on the media page...


Here's a hint:
You have to get the text "You feel warmth inside you" four times. Did you pick up the shovel from the garden yet? Use that and the note to dig around the beach :)

Version 1.0.1 Released

I thought I should let you know that I couldn't talk to the dolls (well, the two that weren't on the first floor) from the right side anymore, but I never tried the left.

I changed it so that now you have to stand over the dolls (on the same space as them) :)

Imaginary Friends

So, just to be clear... The board in the math has nothing to do with any puzzle, right?

Actually it does :) But you can beat the game without solving it, it is needed to get the best ending though.

Imaginary Friends

Hi thanks for the but report! To get the best ending, you need to open the safe and the pink book, but also collect all the 4 parts of the "story of the lonely little girl" so I guess that is what you're missing. If not, there might be a bug. If it's so, send me private message and we'll figure it out. :)

This is a great game! It's a bit frustrating though - I thought I solved all the puzzles that could be solved and made all the friendly decisions possible, but I couldn't open the second lock on the safe in the school. Where could I have missed something? =(

I don't wanna have to start over from the beginning and watch all the cutscenes again.

Edit: I figured it out:
I had used the crayon to draw a dog, because after seeing the way the red boy behaved, I thought I'd have to be nuts to draw a boy. But drawing a boy got me the key.

Edit: I was wrong.
Even though I opened the safe and got the drawing of Oliver, and then opened the pink Hailey's Friends book, and put together all 7 pieces of the drawing, I still got ending 3. What am I missing?

Also, a bug report:
When you arrive in Cloudville, if you go left and get the scissors before talking to the king, it skips all his dialogue and you get "how is your quest going?"

Imaginary Friends

I really want to save Oliver T_T But I got Ending #3. How do I save Oliver? Help, please? :3

Hi! I've written a "hint guide" for the endings. :) It's not a full guide, but more like points you towards the right track. I hope it hekos

Imaginary Friends

Have been playing your game, started yesterday, So far it's a very nice game I would be reviewing it after I complete it. So far I've played, made a very good story and game-play (*^^*)♡. But! I am kinda stuck at
Where I opened the double locked locker with a heart key where as it does show any text or description after gold lock is removed. It only mentions that it is a combination lock but it doesn't show any text after. Also I think I might get the key after I do something with the pack of crayon I have which I don't have any idea on what to do about it! Note: If it is not a game prob can you tell me what I should be doing! I need to know what happens next ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚

And about dragonfly's noticing the characters head being cut:-

Thank you

Thank you very much ^^ Glad you liked it!

The second key to the safebox cannot be found in school anymore. You have to do certain things right in previous levels to gain it. I wanna keep that as a secret for now :)

The crayons are part of another secret puzzle though :)

Imaginary Friends

Hi! Thanks for reporting those things! :) And thank you for your comments <3 I really appreciate them!

I'm really enjoying this so far. Like nahubih... wait wait wait. Instead of potentially being rude I'll just scroll up. Yeah, so like nhubi said you have an extremely good balance between cute and unsettling. The puzzles aren't too difficult and most of my deaths have just been me wanting to see what happens. I'm currently stuck looking for water but that's moreso because I ran out of play time. I'm going back at it tomorrow.

Two things worth mentioning though:
-In the house to the right side of the picture map, you can walk through the sofa in the TV room, complete with clipping.
-When getting the hat, if you take the hat from the bottom it's instant death. Not really a bug or anything and I just chuckled and reloaded but if more people complain then just move the hat.
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