I am making similar type of story with my current game, where it is set in towns and there is a mysterious tower in between them. It is also the sequel(sort of) to a game jam game I made a few weeks back.



I liked the chemistry between Paul and Rosia, they worked well together. I also enjoyed the twists and turns kept me invested in the story.

Although I have some spoilery questions/comments about the game
Lucien seems shady but his motives don't seem clear in this game(playing Dymunia cued me in on his motives) I'm not sure how what he is doing in the present, is he still trying to find the scroll? This scenario feels like what would happen if Stelyvan and Elysys escaped to the other world. Did you cater that ending to this game so they would connect? If you did it would have been cool.

Anyway besides my rambling I enjoyed your two games and look forward what you make next.

ARCH ULTRA indeed follow that ending. As you guessed, this isn't the end of the story of Dymunia and more is likely to come.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I liked you used the flashbacks to strengthen the bond Stelyvan and Elysys shared. The flashback and helping a loved one and having flashbacks accompanying it gave me similar vibes to my own game Path of the Martyrs. However, my gave is an RPG and less dark.

I also noticed you had a prequel-ish game where you played as Elysys called Black Ritual but it was deleted.

The story that was told in Black Ritual was essentially just Elysys' memories but with useless "gameplay" sections. You did not miss any essential part of Elysys' story. Glad that you enjoyed my game.

Devblog: Iceberg Storytelling

This looks interesting! I recenty played through Detroit: Becoming Human and I love the alternate story paths the player can go down based on your decisions.
That's a lot of different eventing though! How far into the game are you?

The final game is already out. While they are many paths (and endings) the main catalyst is new information that will change how you will perceive some events. You will likely find yourself having lots of assumption, but are those assumptions correct?

There are many layer to this game story and you will have to dig deep to understand it all, although a surface playthrough still provide a decent story.


I like this artstyle, the characters and background look good for me. hope everything in this development goes well.

Thank you! The game is already in the final stage of development, so everything should go as planned unless something very major happens.

Myrkri Review

Well without knowing how old you were when you made this game. I'm going to assume it was those edgy teenage years that led to this game.


Myrkri Review

I agree, this game is terrible. I realy wonder what I was thinking back then.

Theme Roulette 3

So I was intending to participate but it seems like that IRL stuff has got in my way.

For the curious, I was going to make short horror game named "Space Inferno", it would have been about a space marine infiltrating an alien spaceship to destroy it from within.

Whithin the current state of affairs, I don't think ill get any time to work on this. Plus I have other priorities when I will have free time.

Sorry everyone :/ Maybe next time.


I played your game and here's my feedback.

Where I got stuck:
Right after finding the key in the water, did not manage to open anything with it.

-The BGM (or BGS) in the city is kinda weird, I get what you were trying to do but the first impression I got was a band of fish singing or something.
-I would personally mark interactable objects (exemple: I personally use Some Popup v 2.8 by mikb89.
-If possible, I would add a blur effect to the quick event (when Z is pressed) picture to raise tension.
-It might be good to indicate that you can press F5 to put the game in fullscreen mode.
-The mapping could use some improvement, like every house having the same exact fence.
-I would personaally create an event-based dynamic shader system to enhance the experience but that might be outside of your capabilities.


is there multiple end of your game and there a question the game dont answer wo is lucien and what is goal lucien have

Yeah there is multiple endings but it is obly affected by the choice you make at the very end.
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