Dream Team for SSB

mantlecore77 here, coming back from the dead.
And recently I have become very much a fan of SSB. I plan on getting Brawl soon.

And I'm just dying to get my ideas of a good SSB lineup out.

I have 50 characters.

1.) Mario - of course!
2.) Luigi - of course! (less of a clone of Mario's as well)
3.) Peach - used to hate her, but her moves are pretty sick
4.) Bowser - King of Koopas, son
5.) Yoshi
6.) Birdo - some of you might hate me for this, but this egg spittin' dino is a classic Mushroom Kingdom baddy
7.) Wario
8.) Waluigi - he may be sorta boring, but they could spruce him up like they spruced up Wario up for Warioware
9.) Geno - all of you should know this classic Super Mario RPG fighter. HARDCORE!
10.) Donkey Kong
11.) Diddy Kong - I don't really like some of his moves in Brawl, so change it a bit... (honestly, a banana peel?)
12.) Dixie Kong - a classic Kong from the DKC series deserves a spotlight
13.) King K. Rool - ranking in the heavyweights as well, this guy needs to get some time
14.) Link - Link is definately my favorite SSB character by far. He sucks though, haha, so if my list was a game, this guy would kick some major butt, making him quicker and not such a walking arsenal like in the previous games
15.) Zelda
16.) Ganondorf - I love this character but HATE how he's a clone of C. Falcon. He's original enough to have some original moves, don't you think?
17.) Kirby - I think that Kirby and his two buddies below are enough for his series
18.) King Dedede
19.) Meta Knight
20.) Pikachu
21.) Jigglypuff - I've hated this character since the original SSB, but she's been along for too long so I couldn't drop her, really. It's just too odd.
22.) Mewtwo - I'm not a huge fan of Pokemon, really, but he was awesome in Melee and I'm P.O.'d that they dropped this classic for Lucario
23.) Pokemon Trainer - same as the Brawl trainer
24.) Pokemon Trainer 2 - ahh! throw some Jhoto league Pokemon in and you got a balanced twist. (Chicorite, the Lv. 2 of Cyndaquil, and Feraligatr)
25.) Fox - I miss his graceful juggling skills
26.) Falco - definately lessen his clonage of Fox and give him a new B^ and B> move
27.) Krystal - never seen her in a videogame myself but she seems like an important Star Fox role player
28.) Wolf - you're definately right, Natook, he needs to be less of a clone of Fox. But I don't know him enough to say how they would do it; but they should
29.) Sonic - I've heard that this guy's speed can get you really cheap victories, so I'm gonna have to say that he needs to slow down a tad... when I say a tad, I mean barely a tad
30.) Tails
31.) Knuckles (my personal fav Sonic character)
32.) Dr. Eggman
33.) Shadow - the only "clone" that I would really approve, but he'd be a tad slower and stronger than Sonic and have some original moves
34.) Marth - I hate this guy, he's weird, but like Jigglypuff, he's been around too long
35.) Ike - never used him, but he seems a lot better than Marth
36.) Ashnard - from Fire Emlbem. Seriously, don't they need an antagonist?
37.) Ness - I absolutely LOATHE Ness, but he's a good character from Earthbound so... I have to keep him. Nevertheless, I always make him my punching bag in Versus
38.) Lucas - PK Teleport instead of PK Thunder, eh?
39.) Megaman - GGGAAAAHHH!! I love Megaman! He has so many different move options I can't even specify, but if Nintendo never puts him in a SSB game I will cry.
40.) Zero - Megaman's perfect partner
41.) Dr. Wily - he would be pretty gay, I must admit, but his rivalry between Megaman is a classic Nintendo system symbol
42.) Sigma - Natook helped me on this one, saying that Sigma has been a Megaman enemy for a long while now
43.) Snake
44.) Olimar & Pikmin - sure Olimar never really was a true fighter but he is a truly original Nintendo character with lots of options and I'm glad they put him in Brawl
45.) Mr. Game & Watch
46.) Samus
47.) Ridley - I don't know what they would make him like, but Samus NEEDS a series partner, good or bad
48.) Bomberman - Yes. Yes. YES. Great Nintendo original.
49.) Captain Falcon
50.) Ice Climbers - I don't like these guys myself, but they're a good throwback duo

Definately lose...
1.) R.O.B. - OK, it's cool that they want to throw some classic NES or whatever characters in, but this guy didn't even really fight.
2.) Pit - I hate to be blunt or offend anyone who loves this guy but... FRUITCUP
3.) Lucario - Mewtwo's better

Argue me! Tell me what you think/want. This isn't a blog for myself to read.

How do I upload stuff to this site?

System: RM2K3

Alrighty, I'm trying to get my game up here finally and get a demo or something but uhhh... can someone tell me how to upload screenshots/downloads for my game?

General question on "Skills"

Okay, this one is really bugging me.

I've got a lot of magic spells in my game: Fire, Ice, Aero, Quake, Water, Bolt, Bio, etc. And I've been trying and trying to test and see how to change the damage effect of each spell as my characters level up, but nothing seems satisfying.

For example, my main character learns the fire spell eventually.

Fire has an effect rating of 185, attack influence of 0, int. influence of 4, and a variance of 2.

so, I tested the battle and he got 100 damage on an enemy with 5 intelligence and 5 defense. Seemed fair enough.

But then I raised Vincent's test level to 99, which made his intelligence skyrocket. But when I cast fire, it was 109! How can I make it so that intelligence influences how much each spell gets, how well the monster defends against magic in general, and how do I make each spell's effect increase slightly on every level up?

Yes, this was a long one, but I think this can help newbies like me in the long run.


Hey guys. Mantlecore again.

I'm making a game in RM2K3. I was designing some weapons today and decided to have one of my characters use boomerangs/thrown weapons. So I marked his weapon to be "long ranged", etc. etc.
The only problem I'm having is not having the weapon do the same damage from the back row and have double the defense from the back row.

For example...

Thelix attacks Cait Sith from the front row three times and gets 14, 16, and 13.
Cait Sith attacks Thelix and gets 20 damage.

But then Thelix rows to the back.

Thelix attacks Cait Sith from the BACK row three times and gets 15, 17, and 12.
Cait Sith attacks Thelix and gets 19 damage.

Is there any way to fix this? Or is it just the way the system is?

This one is killing me...

Alright. This one is pretty straightforward and I'm looking for any kinds of replies...

About five months ago I got RPG Maker 2003, and I started my project and downloaded all sorts of midis from classic RPGs like Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy X. The midis sounded fine and my computer was running smoothly.
But then, my computer crashed. I had to copy, resave, and reinstall RPG Maker 2003. My project was saved, thankfully, but all of my midi files sounded funny. All of the sounds in them, like piano and such, were all dischorded and odd sounding. Some were still okay, but I was frustrated that all of my Midi files were sounding strange, even if I downloaded them. THEN it got worse! Now, all of my Midi files are not even playing anything. It's playing, but no noise.

If ANYONE has had/solved/heard of this midi issue I'm having, will someone please help me!

Much thanks from mantlecore77

How do you earn AP?

Hey guys, mantlecore again.

I'm working on an RM2K3 project and I'm trying to design a system where you earn AP after every battle. AP is a variable which you can spend in a skill tree in order to learn abilities.
The problem is that I don't know how to make every battle earn different AP amounts to the hero... if that doesn't make sense, I really don't know how else to describe it...

Let's say you run into a slime. You beat him. I want it to show that you earned 1 AP.

Then you run into a dragon. You beat him. I want it to show that you earned 10 AP instead of 1 like the slime...

Can anyone help me!?

One quick question

Alright, I'm trying to save myself a little bit of time, so if anyone can answer this yes or no,
that would be great.

Is it possible to make a skill able to target one OR all targets at once?
For example.

Can I make fire able to target one slime OR all of the monsters?
or do I just have to make spells like Fire & Fire-All

I need help with font!!!

Hey guys. I'm a newbie, I guess you could say. I'm not bad at design, but would SOMEONE please give me a specific tutorial on how to get good font for RM2K3????

And if someone could explain to me how to get a message box that holds 4 lines instead of 3...


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