The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

unfortunately, not on the harddrive i got here. i have some old harddrives somewhere else, i maybe get to look there next week.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

i uploaded wanderlust here:

and i also think i have dreamscape somewhere, ill look.

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

ive got this somewhere, ill look it up tomorrow :)

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

i think the main problem with any rpgmaker above the 2k3, is that even with doubling the pixel size of sprites and stuff, everything still moves in a resolution of 640x480 pixels. so you can move one pixel just half of its length. and since the engines of all these rpgmakers are made for 640x480 pixels, every movement looks quite odd with the fake lower resolution (which is the problem with so called "retro" games anyway). id suggest rm2k3 for everything really retro looking. you may not have all the sweet programming possibilities with the 2k3, but you still can do a lot of stuff, if you dig deep enough.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

it just displays one skill per time :) i think ill add something to indicate that you can actually navigate through your skills, like a small cursor on the bottom of the box or something

Screenshot Survival 20XX

i used to really dislike the default system set, but for some reason i really learned to love it.

[RM2K] Move Event Not Working

you could also do everything in one move command, without too much waits in between. even if its only three 0.1 waits, its still a long time to wait for just entering a door. one time it doesnt hurt, but stacked up it can kill the flow i think.
(nothing against sateds version, i just think its too slow ;) )

ignore that common event, thats just for erasing pictures and turning switches on and off.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

waterfall placement is alright i think, but the wall tiles on the left dont seem to fit in, at least colour wise. but all in all pretty nice, i like it :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

actually i dont think all these "you should map your stuff logically" things are that important. since you are restricted to not tooo many pixels, i think you should make most of them in terms of atmosphere and eye candy. and due to the fact that youre with the 16x16 tilegrid, its pretty hard to make somethink "realistic" and not too messy, especially with places that are ment to look like an actual mess. but im glad you said all the things about this map earlier :) i overworked it again (to a point where it really hurt to remove stuff haha) and i myself really like it way better than before, so thaaank you everyone! :)

and i really dont like this watering can i made, for some reason im not able to make a proper one... does anybody have a watering can sprite somewhere?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

thanks for all the advice :) ive changed a few things, like adding different plants, exchanged some pots for barrels and boxes, and lowered the opacity of that lighting picture. i didnt remove too much, i kinda like it that oversaturated.

updated version:

(i really appreciate all the criticism. thanks everyone!)

lockez: what 3 tile rule? dont know that one
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