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GAYmak the Rainbow event

Would it be allowed for us to star other people's characters from this thread in the gamemake on the weekend without limiting it to just our own?

Edit// DANGIT Libby, don't answer the q before I properly ask it!! X'DDD

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

o/ OH PLZ..I will try for the glory of my ancestors.

Art and You

The difference IS. That when you use someone else's art, you're using their property. If they want to be credited, you credit them.

Then you have people who don't bother asking for permission and then don't bother crediting. This rule is just to circumvent that sort of situation. If you can't bother asking, AT LEAST CREDIT. (Though I still maintain that you should ask the artist too, if it wasn't made for your project specifically.)

Not everyone who did artwork for the games here were paid for everything, either, but the people who made your mouse were!

Art and You

It's enough that, if someone wants to find out who did this work, they can find out you did it.

Uh Sir.

If someone calls Square-Enix and asks who did the quality control for spell animations for Final Fantasy 13, they can find out it was you. The reason why they have a list of credits at the end is to pay respect to all of the collective effort that went into creating the game and ALSO so that there doesn't need to be someone (or very many someones) calling up the head of Square-enix to know who did what (and as well known as square enix is, this would be a monumental effort to even keep up with that I wager). It's not so difficult to set up a list of credits so I'm really not sure why you're resisting this rule.

It shouldn't be necessary to tell people who weren't asking, though. That's just stroking the artist's ego.

You're completely missing the point of why we credit anyone. It's not ego stroking, it's an acknowledgement that YOU yourself know and appreciate the work of everyone else on the game. If you don't want to credit someone, don't use their work. It's really that simple. You can't insist on using the work of others and then not credit them because you don't like being ~forced~ to.

It's because people refuse or are too lazy to credit that this rule is being installed in the first place.

Xenomic's Sprite Thread! GASP!

I think the general issue that I can see right now is that your head is incredibly lopsided and everything else will look off until you fix that...the final artwork is built up on a good sketch after all. :O

Secret Santa Surprise~ 2012

Oh my god. Finally a name to the genius. I ADORED MY GIFT VERY MUCH. THANK YOU. /wipes happiest tears.

Secret Santa Surprise~ 2012

Booble's art stuff

Oh wow congrats on the art school Boobles! POST EVERYTHING!

Art Fart

Awww QuQ Thanks Alterego~~~ if i were to put all of my 'might' through them...I think they'd probably take a week or two or three each..haha! I'm somewhat of a perfectionist so it's a matter of telling myself to STOP at one point. BUT! You've given me a desire to try and finish a picture with my full 'might' as you put it hahah. <3

Thanks again~

Art Fart

Thanks Kyrsty!! And yeah, I only use PS. Sai is nice, but I don't really have a LOVE for it...and I use the default round brushes that come with PS. : >