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tardis does photography too!

*___* Oh man your photos are really amazing...I hope you dont mind me saving them all..;;


Thanks guys. ; o ; I'm glad some find my prices reasonable ahaha. Adding a list of completed commissions!:

Bust shot/colored/painterly/35 USD :

Fullbody/flat colors/lineart/service background/50 USD: NSFW, nudity (MALE), blood


Hmm I like that the frustration and irritation from Daniel was well delivered. Even I was sick of Jason for awhile! And Yeah, I agree that sudden transition from Great Jason to Punching a guy for an Accident Jason, was a bit abrupt and sudden but I suppose everyone gets a little too touchy about very expensive dresses.

Loved the ending though! A very nice wrap. :)


@thedjt: I'm a graduated jobless student. XDDD Tbh, I'm not a huge fan of making my art stock, I've seen people edit these things to their needs so wouldn't they rather do that than commission me anyhow? XD I rather just help finish an existing game project with character art than to let loose my work for heavy editing. ; w ;)a;; Though your suggestion is really nice, it's also that I do need some money a little faster than later. But I will be making more illustrations and what not to post around to hopefully impress someone who'd be interested in commissioning me.

@Darken: Hmm it'd take me forever to reach Rocco or whoever status and like how I mentioned to thedjt, there are many reasons why I'm wary of doing that...tho I supposed one or two sets cant hurt much at all. : ) Thanks for the input! When I do have time, I just might do a couple to let loose around the rpg maker communities.


I can do either ~ though this commission was set up mostly for the clean ingame bust shots. The sketchy boy/girl art was actually concepts for a game that a friend and I were starting. : ) Thats also why I set up a discount for batch buying in case someone wanted some bust or facesets X'D

But yeah~ I understand what you mean by "if i had the money" since I'm feeling that empty pocket syndrome already...Thanks though!


Awww! If it takes begging...TwT I've already lost the game! haha. But thanks~ * U * Can I get a peek at Helios?~ his name is too awesome to pass up! (SOUNDS LIKE A MANRY MAN?)


Ahah, I'm going to have to use the line the car dealer tried on my uncle. Ahem.

So what would it take for my services to be yours?~ (lol) Thanks for the good wishes~!


It's okay~ it was no big slight. ;D I don't mind it at all.


@karsumon: Ohh okay. Thanks! I was worried I broke some sacred agreement between lord of forums and lowly serf.

@MKID232: Ahaaha OverlordVulcan was mostly correct. I just dont think my background skills are good enough for commissioning, that's all. And indeed~! I am a she.

@Mary 4D: Thanks Mary 4D~. I wouldn't make people pay for my services if I had money either tbh. OTL;;

@WIP: OH really?! I love the artist for breath of fire, he was by biggest inspiration ever since....high school another world ago! And yep. :D I even was pinning for mmx8 when I found out he did it too...because it looks SOOO nice. And it's been awhile since i've played anything mmx (because i lack in skill sets for these types of games)


@TFT: buh...? XD

@Ark: Thanks! I'll be eagerly awaiting your decision~.