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Thanks Feldschlacht the Fourth! Anytime at your convenience, please do send specifics to the gmail listed~ if you do decide to take up on the offer i mean haha.~

I'm also very sorry if this is not allowed gah. *sweating bullets*

Edit//~!;; Right, haha I'll try to stay in my seat now. Thanks XDD.


Oh man! Really?? DX How to delete thread? OTL;;


Sorry if this doesn't go here, but here's to hoping I'm right! I do have a different art thread here, but I didn't want my commission infos to inter lap with that so here it is:

Lineart ( Flat colors/ Shaded ):

Bust: 10 (15/25) USD
Waist up: 20 (25/35) USD
Full Body: 45 ( 50/60 ) USD

* These are sketchy linearts + flat colors (dont mind the lineart unless you want it sketchy and that'll deduct half USD from reg price): Boy, girl

Simple bust shots (lineart will not be as clean as above with no blacks): 20 USD

Painterly (monochrome/color):

Bust: 25/35 USD
Waist up: 35/50 USD
Full Body: 70/80 USD

If you're batch buying, I'll definitely give you discounts...and if you want backgrounds...well you dont want backgrounds OTL;;;

If you have questions, let me know~ and please email if you're interested.

Sorry if you think the prices are a bit crazy...sadly I have bills to pay and I don't have time to do something that wont benefit me even if just a little bit.

Fullbody/Lineart/flat colors: NSFW, Male Nudity, blood

What are you thinking about right now?

I totally need to get a better job.

This rings true with me too...

What are you thinking about right now?!

I'm thinking I want a game with music all made using mario paint.

How many five year old could you take in a fight?

X'D Oh man I got 17, i took this years ago and I think I had a higher number then...I wonder if I should be proud of that or not?!

tardis does photography too!

These are all sorts of amazing! I can tell you put a lot of thought to the composition and crop. I actually LOVE this one and I find the style of the barn photos very interesting. Kind of vintage like? The cloud formation on the vertical one seems really really strange like it was cut from a different photo. The colors and even the angle seems off. Then again, I've never seen clouds like that before.

Finished 3D Robot

The story board is amazing. I like the spot blacks on them and the composition in the second panel.

Also..haha harssshh sonic. X'D The dbz sketch is coming out nicely too! It looks kind of tilted to one side though, that would be easily fixable in photoshop. And what do you use to draw? It doesn't look like you have pressure sensitivity there...

Request Time! Team-Captin Avalon!

AWWW I ADORE little Paw's design! SO CUTE. I'd want to keep it. ; u ; And how you connected the story with Gold Pin is quite clever!

Blaze Master seems quite the foe, but he's got the face that only a mother would love...also it's surprising how small his feet are but I suppose those HUUGE thighs make up for that. X'D That's totally a lot of weight to support on two hooves.