[request] need a crew for my first rpg maker game

Hi people i just got rpgmaker 2003 and im planning on making a game based on tf2 so far the games story is about blu trying to over come red or youll be able to play as team red also there will be secret bosses which will be most freaks you know and love like panis cupcake demopan ass pancakes and more! so in order to do this i need some spriters and i need some people to give me graphics and help me kinda make the game in a tf2 style way if you are really intrested and want to help skype me at marioguy122

[game tester] Lots of spare time and need some stuff to do

I have little experince of making games in rpgmaker but I do have alot of spare time with mostly little to do most of the times. Also i could help you come up with ideas depending on what the game is themed/based on. If you ever need a game tester message me and tell me what you need me to test like items,armour,skills,characters,etc (anything that involves testing.) next after you put what you need me to test than make sure there is a beta link to the game i need to test. after that wait untill i do what you needed me to test and ill give you feed back (and maybe ideas if you need some.) plus you dont need to payme at all because i dont want money right now i want to playtest some games to cure most of my boredom and to help games become a great sucess!
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