❝Oh look - I'm opening my box of care! Oh wait - it's empty!❞

Wie geht’s My name is 707. I create games, or atleast i'm trying to. Feel welcome to help if you want, hehe!

Gute Nacht!



Hospital Tiles

Those are great!

Hetalia Unawakened

Ne Ne Papa!


Cute art-style! Totally jelly! X3


Hey I saw this on RPG Maker Amino! XD

Give some ideas!

Since I found this place, let's see if I can share some of my thoughts.
I believe this is a very cool project and I hope you people succeed. Feel free to do whatever you wish with this commentary. Thanks for reading!
Great minds think alike, dat what i'm talking about, we dont want player get lost by to many option like Stardew Valley, but I still want to put on it some mini game like quick chain button or puzzles, card games..etc or maybe a simulation game with a warm heart story (or drama, maybe)

Hey! Now that sound's like some legit fun! And I haven't seen a farming base RPG w/mini games yet, so that would be something neat and creative! Great job!

Peaceful Days

Can't wait for the release!
And just a random picture
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