I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
Waring, content from this user my contain copious amounts of sarcasm. User should probably not be taken too seriously.
Journey's End: Alex vs E...
Climb the tower. Kill the bad guy. Save the world.



Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Sound like some progress has finally been made. good to hear.
I'll admit there hasn't been many advances since my last post but I've had a very busy two weeks, I'm hoping to have the hub level completed soon, but I can only release it properly when Seiro has made the boss level

Well, I also haven't been here for 2 months. but remembering how long it took for things to get done before, any progress is good progress in my mind.

Castles Masterpiece Set 2

Sound like some progress has finally been made. good to hear.

Pokémon RMN Version Review

Don't mind me I'm just watching the fireworks. I'm still getting Makerscore from this right?

Super Mario Bros. Super Contest

Damn it! Why do I always miss all the fun contests?


Holy crap, it's Deckiller! I have not seen you around for ages.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks guys. I'll add some rocks and such the the map, but I don't really think I need that meany.

@masterofmayhem: It may be the lack of context and a minor thing, but I think I see a wooden stool and table in the midst of all that lava? Convection is totally a thing, despite what some RPGs will tell you...maybe have them both be a dark stone so it looks like obsidian, or at least something that won't combust randomly in a lava cave? (Also, screw you spellcheck, combust is a word)

Oh, the furniture are placeholders for possible treasure chests that I haven't added yet. Just pretend there not there.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Since I'm already added some of my maps here already I might as well get some opinions on this one.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

"No swimming in the pool", but there isn't a pool to be seen.

"Prostitutes welcome", but certainly "No kissing" or (god forbid) "Low cut blouses".


It reminds me of one of the guards from secret of Evermore.

"Please adhere to the following rule of the city square: No swimming, No swearing, No laughing, No crying, No talking out of turn, No line dancing, No moose calling, No sword play, No pumpkin carving, No mummified cat juggling, No wallowing in your own self pity, No circumstantial evidence, No walking on the grass, No pancakes on Monday, No dessert until you eat your vegetables, No slapstick comedy, No balloon animals, And absolutely, positively, No barking like a seal. It upsets me." -Guard


Jason reminds me of Cress Albane from Tales of Phantasia. Look it up if you don't know who that is.
He dose, doesn't he?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thank you Corfaisus . That's advice I can actually use.

Fun fact, the reason I didn't use a ceiling autotile at first was because I'm using the 2003 chipsets, and they for some reason don't have one. I have discovered however that the 2000 chipsets do have them. Go figure.

Anyway, updates!