A wild developer (finally) appears!

In regards to Shredax's stats, he currently is the second fastest Pokemon on the roster, behind only Funkound by 10 points. I always thought his movepool seemed more geared towards being a special attacker, since most sound-based moves are special, but however he attacks I think his speed is fine the way it is, since Electric-types tend to be the fastest Pokemon anyway.

Maybe if we wanted him to be tanky and fast, we give him an ability like Static (or a special-based version of that ability?) and a support movepool with paralysis and flinch? It's been a while since I've looked at the full roster but IIRC we don't have a Pokemon that fills that niche.

About the main post...

1. I'm all for eschewing the Pokemon name in favor of our own brand of RPG, but I think a simple rename of the game and mechanics is not going to be enough to avoid a C&D from Nintendo if we were going to get one before. If we go down this route we should discuss how much of the core game we want to change in order to make it something that's truly ours.

2. I think that wiki's a little out of date isn't it? I know like half of the updated movepools aren't on there yet. In any case, I'd definitely be interested in seeing a more comprehensive report of feedback so far. If anything needs to be changed about one of my Pokemon feel free to let me know.

A Long Overdue Status Update, and a Request

It's good to see there's some new life to this project. I'm no artist, but if there's anything else that I can do to help PkmnRMN get finished, feel free to let me know. I was pretty involved before, so I'm definitely eager to see it finally release.

Back in Business!

Oh well this is unexpected. Wonderful, I'm glad someone is completing this project!

Personally, I'm looking forward to finishing sorting out the TMs and HMs and egg moves. Since Ratty is no longer working on the project, and I haven't seen Mathewac in awhile, I'd like to take on that job.
I don't suppose we ever got that done did we? Oh well, I can certainly help finish that stuff up. This semester of school is winding down for me so I'll have some time - though I'm still busy with work and such so I probably can't devote as much time as I used to.

EDIT - I would imagine communicating through something like Slack would help centralize the remaining workflow. Should/could we set up a PkmnRMN channel in the RMN Slack?