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Living Playground: The W...
A game about friendship, kindness, cruelty, and geese.



Target Release Date

Congratulations on your impending release!!!

Twisted Fairy Tales

Congratulations Darken for a well-deserved victory! (One of these days I'll beat Nemoral, but until then I must Git Gud as the youth say, even easy mode is too hard for me;;;)

Thank you for putting together this event and playing through the games, and also for the small mention! I'm glad my game could deliver something, even if it was pretty rushed in the end.

Forest Adventure!

The updated demo is fun! You expanded a whole lot of the game in such a short amount of time, I'm impressed. You do a good job of building up tension and making the player want to know what's going on.

Some (spoilery?) notes I have:

The message pops up when Felix walks near the cat, but since there's nothing that pushes him back (like a "player move one step back" move command), you can actually just straight up walk up to the cat.

The scene with Felix first in the door is very dark. I know it's to make the glowing arrows stand out more, but I'd lighten it just a tiny bit because when he turns around, I couldn't see anything on screen! I had a slightly similar problem in the part of the cave with the monster chase, but that was more that I didn't even know there was a path beyond the coffin since it was too dark to see.

Speaking of chases, the idea of the cat chase is really unique and I like it a lot, turning such an innocent(???) creature into a Game Over Machine because of the character's allergies! Though when you walk back into the first map of the Crystal area (where Felix gets the phone call) after going into one of rooms on either side, there's almost no time between you arriving to the map and the cat teleporting behind you, so if you're not immediately holding the arrow in the other way and the shift button, you're toast. The other maps do have a few seconds' grace period, though, so they're fine.

I also just really want to say I love the visual atmosphere you create with the camera! Things like the map zooming out further and further as Felix walked down the hallway, the zooms, and even the default shaking was all really well done and I liked it a lot! Also I love the little "after demo" bit, it's a nice, clever little twist!



What are your favorite and least favorite parts of gam mak?

Visual assets are my bread and butter. Delicious. I also really like playing with sound design and I have a love-hate relationship with mapping. Eventing can be fun, except... when it's not.

My least favorite part is beta testing because I'm impatient and also I feel obligated to apologize for every tiny bug my testers run into, even though the point is that they test to fish out those bugs.

The Shooty and the Catfish: Episode 1 - Its Done

Oooh, rad! Congratulations on your upcoming release and I'm excited to give this a try.

Goaling It 2019

-Do... something. I just finished my 4 year long game make adventure and I'm enjoying Not Working but I would like to... make a new game at some point, too.
-Get used to RMVX Ace
-Try to be less of a shy weenie in terms of interacting with The Community

-Continue throwing job applications into the unloving void, maybe have one stick somewhere!!!
-Animate more

Aiming small-ish because I know who I am as a person.


Along with StormCrow's rad words of wisdom and motivation, using a program like GraphicsGale can be helpful since it offers onion skinning and the ability to test the animation in the window!

Or you can be me and cheat by animating the attack in Flash, exporting as a PNG sequence, then making the pixels in your program of choice.

Do Us Part

Good visuals in this game! Wish there was more to the story though. Specifically with the nuns. That jumpscare was perfect.

On another note, you're welcome I guess? =P

Thank you for this and the note about the combo lock!!! I'll keep these sort of things in mind for future games.


I finally had some downtime and could play this...! For being your first game and made under the confines of a contest schedule, it's pretty solid! I did notice a few minor errors (typos and the ability to walk on the blood splatter on the walls near the... uh... Squishy Room.)

Other stuff & my silly comments(both of which may be spoilers):

*When you're first in the basement and you get the key from the hole, you can go back to the skeleton and pick up the bone again. It will stay on your menu the rest of the game.

*Speaking of, I wonder how difficult it would be to change Momoka's facesprite on the menu post leg removal. Granted that section is pretty short and you get Original Flavor Momoka(?) back but it does seem a bit weird to have this girl clearly suffering and then you go to save and she's giving you a big smile on the menu.

*Not particularly a flaw of the game but just a personal thing: There's no sense of urgency to get Momoka up the stairs after the Squishy Room takes the wheelchair. She says she needs to get to the top and there's dramatic music and the screen flashes, but there's no real sense of danger since there's no consequence to not immediately doing so. I crawled around the whole basement to see if it'd give me a special game over and nothing happened. Not that putting a timer would make it "scary," exactly, but something that would add stakes to not having her get to the stairs would make the moment feel more tense.

*I think Frogge pointed this out on the IGMC page, but when you interact with a pod to break it, you can walk away and still mash the z button. It makes the battle really easy.

*I don't mind the wordcount but the prose sometimes feels repetitive. There's a line along the lines of "Neck movements sent pain through Momoka's neck," for instance. Though admittedly I'm not a big fan of Corpse Party-style "fade to black and describe gory and potentially disgusting/unsanitary things" in the first place so who am I to say how you should write!!!!!!!! I do kind of hope the full version would include a few more visuals.

ALL IN ALL I know some of these are nitpicky, especially considering the conditions of the game contest, but I think you've got a good start here that could become something really neat if given time & development! I wish you the best of luck and I'm excited to see where you take the full version.
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