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Heeeeeeell yea, congratulations Queenie!!!

Träumerei Chapter 2 v1.0 Release!

Congratulations on the release!!!

Lone Star

Pour one out for Elmer........ I'm sad to see it go, Hog, but I look forward to the other stuff you are gonna make!

New Update

Nice, nice! I'm excited to play the update.

Post some old shit

10-year-old meaka aspires to be Arteest (2000/2001, probably)

Meanwhile, I screencapped this for the "in the future" message but it accidentally wound up being a very good late 2000s time capsule for me...

Do Us Part

A very cool and short game. Minimum use of the brain through the difference puzzles resolution and with an unique spooky atmosphere. Altough It has been made in only in month -or less- and Its also clearly visible, that's not a bad thing. Totally different. Maybe It needs a more deep explanation into some parts of the story but It works ok most of the time.

The best part would be the art in game and some "personal" items like the cat.

Played in 1 hour. 6/10

That's a very kind review for such a short jam game, thank you so much! I'll keep these things in mind (especially elaboration on the story) if I ever decide to retouch the game and for future projects moving forward.

Target Release Date

Congratulations on your impending release!!!

Twisted Fairy Tales

Congratulations Darken for a well-deserved victory! (One of these days I'll beat Nemoral, but until then I must Git Gud as the youth say, even easy mode is too hard for me;;;)

Thank you for putting together this event and playing through the games, and also for the small mention! I'm glad my game could deliver something, even if it was pretty rushed in the end.

Forest Adventure!

The updated demo is fun! You expanded a whole lot of the game in such a short amount of time, I'm impressed. You do a good job of building up tension and making the player want to know what's going on.

Some (spoilery?) notes I have:

The message pops up when Felix walks near the cat, but since there's nothing that pushes him back (like a "player move one step back" move command), you can actually just straight up walk up to the cat.

The scene with Felix first in the door is very dark. I know it's to make the glowing arrows stand out more, but I'd lighten it just a tiny bit because when he turns around, I couldn't see anything on screen! I had a slightly similar problem in the part of the cave with the monster chase, but that was more that I didn't even know there was a path beyond the coffin since it was too dark to see.

Speaking of chases, the idea of the cat chase is really unique and I like it a lot, turning such an innocent(???) creature into a Game Over Machine because of the character's allergies! Though when you walk back into the first map of the Crystal area (where Felix gets the phone call) after going into one of rooms on either side, there's almost no time between you arriving to the map and the cat teleporting behind you, so if you're not immediately holding the arrow in the other way and the shift button, you're toast. The other maps do have a few seconds' grace period, though, so they're fine.

I also just really want to say I love the visual atmosphere you create with the camera! Things like the map zooming out further and further as Felix walked down the hallway, the zooms, and even the default shaking was all really well done and I liked it a lot! Also I love the little "after demo" bit, it's a nice, clever little twist!


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