Video thread

I miss the old Schwarzenegger


(+30 points) for the top hat and mustache smoke cloud

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I'm in man.....

Video thread!

I love the cheazy 3d effects, but everything else.......


Just for fun I'm going to play through this game and review it. I mean it's a complete game and no one has reviewed it yet.

[Story] Movement Finished

It's a good thing none of these just lead out into space making this constant tempest of air leaking out, sucking everything into some vast empty space to die or float as a vagabond until it falls and hits some celestial body (planet, star, etc.).

This better not be sarcasm.

I've always wondered do you make the terrain yourself beforehand, or do you render it Game time?

The RMN Comic Collaboration!

meavor and friends were unable to comprehend the very awesomeness of this comic.

Rm2k3 - Sprite Request

Battle animations are not a good method.

I agree with Azn, so I'll make them into a Charaset.
If that's ok with you.

Rm2k3 - Sprite Request

Dude don't save your images as Jpegs!
I'll make your sprites but re-upload them as Pngs or Bitmaps.


I have a world map of most of my games world drawn I use as a reference. It makes it easier for me
to plan out where everything fits together. I really don't have a choice as it is impossible for me to remember where everything goes with out drawing a map of every area. at least medium sized and up :)