meisam your not using semicolon properly, and that's a laughing matter.
i am 30 year old man, who like to get criticized and criticize others, because honestly, how can we get better if we don't know we are at fault.
my whole life is dedicated toward being honest with myself. that's my only goal in life.



Sunken Spire

Oh cool I take it then you played The Grumpy Knight and In Search of Immortality?

Cool glad you enjoyed them, they were much tighter games also made in shorter deadlines with a smaller team. For Sunken we wanted to try our hand at making a longer RPG. We learned a lot from it's development which will be invaluable in the future.

The town was meant to have some more sidequests, but we ran out of time so it is was it is. Same with Ezekiel's section.

Anyway thanks for the big vote of confidence and really glad you enjoyed the series.

of course all 3 had some of the best game mechanic I have ever seen specially for a rpg maker game, one thing is for sure the rate this games is improving means that the next games will be much better.

oh I loved the overpowered Ezekiel made him the main damage dealer in search of immortality and used all other as support :). zero defense 1400 power is no kidding :).


After finally getting to play this game, I honestly don't see what everyone likes about it. It's boring and unbalanced, with not enough details, like how to rezz a character when it dies.

Speaking of dying, when a character dies in the very first fight of a game, I'm done. It means it's too unbalanced, and I view that game as crappy from that moment on, because that's just utterly ridiculous.

I didn't see an actual item shop, so that kind of hurts, no signs anywhere to let you know where shops are. I feel like this game was rushed. It had potential, but it failed miserably. Such a shame.

such a shame indeed .how did you manage to sign in in this forum? was there a lot of sign to direct you here.

I am getting ahead of myself sorry should I direct you to a game that is made easier? if you have windows you can try minesweeper it's easy and it's to the point just find all the mines. and you won't ever die by clicking randomly at your first try. try it at easy setting though.

Sunken Spire

If you mean this one:
it's not possible, the map was altered near the end of production and the item wasn't moved, don't worry though it's only Aoife Solution.

Also we got featured?! Cool, thanks everyone.

yes I meant this item :), congrat on become featured a well deserved place for a such a quality game.

Sunken Spire

okay I just finished 3 game of this series It was quite amazing,

not only some of the best battle system I have ever seen in any games but the story and art was enthralling too. quite a talent you guys/gals have here a job well done :).

the things I didn't like in sunken spire was:
almost zero use for money and items I used like 2 or 3 items in the whole game and had like 100k gold with nothing to spend on it. maybe we could buy some development and research subjects?

a big town full of nothing (almost) the talk was good but honestly it did not add much to the whole game, mostly a distraction rather than enjoyment.

almost no challenge whatsoever I died only 3 times all because I was in a place that I was not suppose to be. doing almost zero damage receiving 2k damage per round stats buff and debuff was way too powerful.

edit: I have mix feeling about sunken spire, what I liked about the other 2 games was removal of time wasters like moving a lot and talking a lot the game was to the point no unrelated event, no talking with random people.

sunken spire was improved a lot from the game mechanic perspective although In Search of Immortality there was a lot of potential.

the jokes was appropriate, character were quite understandable and I had quite a lot of fun.

big thanks to all of the team for creating such a great games.

Sunken Spire

This one?

can you help me on the f13 ice floor there is an item that I can't understand how can I pick it up :S it's in south west of slippery section of floor.

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

hmm, LOL it's so embarrassing, I can't find lover's journal :P I believe I search every tile on spirit shrine
edit: nvm found it :P

Cast Aside

@Hanako-chin: as I said before, it's probably because of lightning effect, I didn't find any solution but it's mostly random so try it again.
Patience and dedication is OP.

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Well I guess I have no choice, I must play this game again. I kinda screwed my save first time and missed the forth character, but this game is way too good.

congratulation on finishing such a huge project