When I got her to join my party after showing the picture, I noticed that you could walk through the wall. I've marked the part in red.

Also during the first chase with the Stepfather, that the Stepfather could walk through or rather pass through walls. But anyway thought I'd also mention that.


Well here is a walkthrough or should I say or more like directions, it can be obtained from here:

Keep in mind that if you do follow it, you'll end up skipping the jump scares and most of the back story, but you'll complete it in around 8 minutes and 30 seconds though.


Well I've played through this and it's not bad, but felt kind of short.

Dreamland R Final Mix

Thought I'd put this here, as this fixes the font problem:

Basically fixes the problem where fonts may not display correctly, same problem that Desert Nightmare has.


Good game so far. :)

RPG Tsukuru 2000

In case anyone is needing the RTP for RPG Maker 2000 games, here it is:
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