Final Fantasy Discovery

Glad to see it's still being worked on.

Final Fantasy Discovery

I'm happy to know that the game is still in development

Penumbra Crystallis


I played both titles before this and I loved them, so knowing about this just made my day. And every time I see "multiple planets" in a description I start drooling.

This is awesome
Please release this tomorrow.

Blackmoon Prophecy II Review

I agree with the review, I enjoy the "standard" SNES FF difficulty where I don't need to grind or use funny tricks to beat the game and the story was really enjoyable.
And that twist in the end...

Full game download is now out!!

Got the newest version but still can't warp or sail to Alfard(I want to get that 100% completion). Could be just my save though.

Full game download is now out!!

Just finished the game here. I really liked it.
I didn't find any problem after entering Tower of Eden until the final boss, and I could get S rank at it. I still have to do the sidequests, but for some reason I can't get to Alfard(can't warp and Big Bob doesn't want to go there,the weird part is that if I transfer the save I can go there by ship).

Ending made me sad though.

Thanks a lot for making this game, I had a very good time and it managed to get me hooked from start to finish, which is hard to happen nowadays.

Full game download is now out!!

Just an update, I redid the 5th dungeon in order to see if the problem I mentioned in the other post
where I couldn't get to the Tower of Eden
was just on my side and it seems like it was.
I got the event again and this time I got both the Heavenly Opal and the warp location to the Tower of Eden. I'll have to re-do the Fairy Island, the Watchers and dragons, along with other sidequests but at least I can progress again

Full game download is now out!!

I did get the event but I have the "Glimmering Opal".
Also Void Chamber is working properly except that Peace's illusion still shows the error if you hold shift/sprint when entering(for some reason). Other minor issue is that the graphics for the "illusion door" for both Leena and Serene show as if it was completed if you complete the other one. For example, if you finish Leena illusion, Serene's door becomes black, but it still works, and vice-versa.

Forgot to say last time, I went to fight Terra in the Mirage Temple, but instead of Terra the boss was Jiro, I still unlocked Terra summon after beating him though.(Ended up fighting him twice)

Full game download is now out!!

I'm downloading the latest version and I still have a save in the 5th dungeon's beginning.
I will test it out.

The reason I was able to finish the Void Chamber was because the Orb of Sorrow is earned in Serene's "illusion" with Ceri, which I entered from Leena/Night side, and I appeared on Ren path, and I could leave through the south door, also I don't think there are any keys there.
The reason I got stuck was because I got the stone, but the warp location didn't appear.

Full game download is now out!!

There was a sailor in the pub as well, I think you only missed this one.
As for the other places you can get there when you go back to Alfard such as the building that needs the password.
I think the only available quest you can't complete on the first time you're in Alfard is the church one.