A Boy and His Slime
A boy and his slime have 7 days to defeat the DEMON LORD!



[RMMV] Is there a way to disable item usage for some characters?

I was wondering if there was an easy way to prevent some characters from using items in battle. I was thinking of making a game where you are a monster trainer, and your party consists of the trainer and 3 monsters. I don't want the monsters to be able to use items because... well, they're monsters. I know you can seal skills and skill types, but there is no option to prevent item use.

Progress Report and Feature Update

I played this a long time ago but remember that I didn't use the summons much. Good to see that you're improving them, but maybe you could have an optional dungeon where you can only use Pandora and her summons to force them to be used?

Hali's Review Thread (Request Your Game!)

Hi. I have some games you might like to try. I'm not very good at mapping, or game making in general, but I try to make my games unique.

Wind Walker
A short puzzle(?) game made for an event.

Harold's Epic Snowball Fight A pretty challenging game centered around battles.

A Boy and his Slime
My first attempt at a dating-sim RPG when I was still pretty new with RPGMaker.

They all have reviews already, so just play them if you have time and are interested. Thanks!

Tears of Envia

When I try to run the game, I get an error "Event script referenced a *shigunichi* that does not exist."
I cannot reproduce the error at my computer. Did have version 1.09 before? Or did you do a fresh install to 1.10 and then 1.10A?

It's working now after I reinstalled it.

Tears of Envia

When I try to run the game, I get an error "Event script referenced a *shigunichi* that does not exist."

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

hi! i missed this for 2 weeks and yet i'm gonna do it
wish me luck~

Good luck! It says the event started on Mar 8, but I don't think it actually got posted until later. The first post was on Mar 15, and it would be pretty surprising if NO ONE posted anything for the first week.

Please give feedback!

I don't think this is the best way to go about making your game. Once you go back and redo all your dungeons, that will affect how many enemies you encounter, which will change your level. If you add treasures, that will affect your balancing even more.

It's okay to use placeholders for some things, or go back and make some maps prettier, but not make a big chunk of your game and then go back a redo a lot of it.

[RMMV] Remove buff after a character is resurrected?

I have not actually, the skill has nothing in the damage formula. Cause it is a skill that applies to the user. Meaning if I were to add a.removeState(32), it would just remove the state from himself without having used it.

Unless you have another idea to make it work? I'm all ears to solutions really.

Oh sorry, I misread it. I thought Z gets the buff automatically when Yam dies, and gets a skill to revive Yam.

Marrend's second idea should work, because I know I've done something similar except opposite and with enemies (You kill 1 enemy to remove a state from another).

[RMMV] Remove buff after a character is resurrected?

have you tried adding something to the damage formula for Zephyr's skill?

e.g. a.removeState(32); <rest of the damage formula>

[RMMZ] Dark Mage Class Passive Skill Ideas?

Most of your classes seem to have a passive that raises stats, so maybe just a passive to raise INT? And since it's a dark mage, maybe something to heal HP or MP when he kills an enemy? And if he's a mage, he should have staff lore as well. I think it is okay to repeat some passives between classes.