A Boy and His Slime
A boy and his slime have 7 days to defeat the DEMON LORD!


[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] show text/variable in script SOLVED

I'm trying to make a simulation game, but don't know js. I want to make something where the player can train and gain 2-3 def. I got it work:

var i = Math.randomInt(1)+2;

But I want it to tell the player how much DEF he got. So I need to either pass addParam an in-game variable from the database, or have a textbox "You gained \v Defense"

*Solved!*[RMVX ACE] Is there a way to check who you are using an item on?

I wanted to make an item "Fire Gem" that, when used on a slime, evolves it into a fire slime. If you try to use it on someone else, I wanted it to say "You can't use this item on this character."

I can achieve what I am trying to do using events (in a somewhat roundabout way), but I wanted to do it with items. This would also be useful for other things; say you have an item that teaches a skill, but you want only certain people to be able to learn it.

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