A Boy and His Slime
A boy and his slime have 7 days to defeat the DEMON LORD!


[RMMV] [SCRIPTING REQUEST] Add-on for Yanfly's Visual HP Bar

Would anyone be able to edit Yanfly's Visual HP Bar Plugin or make an additional plugin to have it show an MP bar as well(underneath the HP bar)? I've searched the net and tried other plugins, but they don't work the way I want.
I'm using Row Formations, so the enemy's position gets offset. I haven't found another plugin that works with the offsetting. Also, I'm using ATB Bars, so would prefer to only have HP and MP bar appear when enemy is selected. Otherwise, there are just too many bars everywhere.

I'm hoping someone is able to do this, because it's quite important for user friendliness. If you are interested:
I'm making a game where I replaced MP with troops. The more troops you have, the more damage you will do. Most damage is also split between the unit's HP and Troops. I'm using TP, Limited skill uses, cooldowns, and items for the skills.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] show text/variable in script SOLVED

I'm trying to make a simulation game, but don't know js. I want to make something where the player can train and gain 2-3 def. I got it work:

var i = Math.randomInt(1)+2;

But I want it to tell the player how much DEF he got. So I need to either pass addParam an in-game variable from the database, or have a textbox "You gained \v Defense"

*Solved!*[RMVX ACE] Is there a way to check who you are using an item on?

I wanted to make an item "Fire Gem" that, when used on a slime, evolves it into a fire slime. If you try to use it on someone else, I wanted it to say "You can't use this item on this character."

I can achieve what I am trying to do using events (in a somewhat roundabout way), but I wanted to do it with items. This would also be useful for other things; say you have an item that teaches a skill, but you want only certain people to be able to learn it.

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