Hey, I am Micahdude9!
I create RPGMAKER VX games.
I have four years of experience of it. My two biggest strengths
in making RPGMAKER games are the story and the scenery.

I have made many GREAT games but never ended up putting them on this website for I either lost them, or canceled it. I only have one game on here and it sucks. Don't play it!

I am a big fan of Nintendo and my favorite video game
franchise is The Legend of Zelda.

Just a guy with great talent in video games but no brains for the scripts...


Sprite Climbing

Hey everyone!

I have a request. The sprite below, could someone make him climbing. Technically, you
would only need the top sprites to have a climbing animation. Could some one just do that? Thanks!

Sprite on the floor dead

Hey guys!

Wondering if someone could make the sprite below dead. Just a forward stance. Like have him on his stomach forward.


Stay Warm Script Request Rpg Maker VX


I was wondering if someone could create a script for me that makes the character have to stay warm. Basically, there will be different spots in the game where you can make a camp fire (with resources that you have to collect like wood) and that fire will raise you "warmth meter" which will slowly go down because the whole game consists of cold places. So basically you have to keep the character warm by making fires throughout the game.

Could someone make this script. If more details are needed, please ask.

Google Drive is perfect for RPG MAKER!

If you have heard (or haven't heard...) of Google Drive, you should use!
It's internet based so you won't lose your game! Just update it every week or so on Google Drive and if you lose your game from your laptop/monitor dying and you get a new one, just get RPG Maker and then download your game file from Google Drive and put it in your files and open it in RPG Maker!

It's pretty awesome. Search it up.
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