Ningyo Heart

I love the history, the characters are agreeable enough and with good backgrounds; I was charmed with Mamoru as protagonist: His will was so powerful that it put to face him the whole frightening shit of the house and to defeat the Dollmaker in his own game. It had up to the force of "returning" when he already NOT has any vital sign: The reason for it was Ami. For this reason, simply I loved so much the pair of Mamoru and Ami: Both of them "sacrificed themselves" to save the life from the other. <3

For me, the most touching scene of the whole game was the scene of Kana's tomb: She was so terrified on having seen her own body rotting in the tomb that she started to cry, showing that in spite of being a doll, she still possessing feelings. I’m crying the moment that Mamoru stop his search to console her.

About the Dollmaker… The truth is he resembles me in certain way of the father of Aya in "Mad Father": In this case, the love that he was feeling "consumed" him to such a point that he wanted to revive Kana to any price, even if it was meaning it to destroy the lives of Mamoru and Ami in the process. It was so driven to despair for achieving his aim that when it saw that Mamoru survived miraculously the three fatal hits, broke his promise wanted to annihilate him with his own hands, ONLY stopping when Kana stopped him… Simply, a desperate man. Very desperate.

These are my impressions of the ends:

1) Bad End: The Dollmaker is the most considered villain that I have seen enough time: it turns them of dolls for that they are united and together forever … Or it was too nice or fucking cruel XD I Have three random questions:

First: What did they do with the bodies of Mamoru and Ami after the ritual?

Second: How the Dollmaker explain to Kana "how" it revived her? How would explain her the new heart inside her body and the corpses of her companions?:P

Third: Why the game says that "But they not convey their feelings to each other anymore" YES it is supposed that, as with Kana, the souls of Mamoru and Ami are inside the dolls, providing them with 'moments' with emotions, though limited?

2) Good end: Fucking sweet, but very tender, especially the moment of Mamoru’s parents, remind me of Lucas in Mother 3 <3 though personally, I would like to see "more" between Mamoru and Ami. The sequence of the sisters dolls was enough funny XD

Thanks for your feedbacks and opinion on my game. I really appreciate it!XD I hope these will answers your questions.

The dollmaker destroyed their bodies to erase the evidence of their visits to his house so no one will ever know where Mamoru and Ami had gone.

Second: He never explain nor tell Kana his plan to revive her back. Kana (when she was a human) knew she will die because of her illness and she had accepted that but the dollmaker, in the other hands, can't accept it and thus, removed her soul into the doll but realize Kana no longer can bear any feelings in her doll form. He used a dark method to revive her back by creating a new body similar to her old self (that's why he kept Kana's dead body so he could replicate it.)But he still need to find and place a human's heart inside the body before moving Kana's soul into it and seal it with dark magic to complete the method. Kana actually never want to be revived again because she doesn't want to see other innocent people got hurted because of dollmaker's doing. Even she is just a doll, she's still has few feelings remained within her soul although most of her feelings had 'died' @ disappeared.

Third: It's the dolls to be blamed here. See, Kana's doll (Include the sister dolls) are the finest doll which Dollmaker ever made and how he treasured them the most. These sister dolls can be considered as 'perfect' dolls which have features that other dolls are lacking. So,some dolls can walk, talk but others can't. The limitations and the flaws of the doll had became one of the cause why Mamoru and Ami no longer can convey their feelings to each other (Apart from the reason of both of them no longer have hearts.) and as time passed by, the remaining feelings within their soul will soon disappear.

Hi, I've loved this game and I've been uploading the gameplay of it, please check it out !

Thanks for the gameplay! I will check it out!

Akumu disc 2 - ''The end of the darkness.''

Finally I could finish the Demo! I must say that it was the hardest game that I have faced and enjoyed it very much. Especially the second story ("Unloving Santa”) and I can’t to wait the full version and the prequel because I would like to know more about this mystery. Thanks for the Walkthrough, I needed a lot :P

There are some things that I would like to ask you, if you don't mind xD. Are details of some of the previous games and that they haven’t been clear to me and that will be useful for a few gameplays in Spanish that I'm doing in collaboration:

- House of Vampires: I recognized some of the "guests" of the mansion as Miu, Takeru and Suzuki, whom I saw in Roaches, but who is Kawajima? He seems pretty familiar to me (Is Mamoru's father or what? XD)

- Ningyo Heart: I have strong doubts about the two endings: What happened with the bodies of Mamoru and Ami after the Dollmaker extracted their souls? No one in the town knew of them or tried to find them? What happened with Kana (In the two ends)? And how many years have exactly the protagonists and the Dollmaker specially? (I have done some calculations and think that he has more than 100 years. It's a vampire! XD)

-Roaches: In the area of water where we find the gears that we have to handle in order to enter the laboratory, at the far right, we found what appears to be a passageway to enter a room. We try to achieve that with some tyres and lifebuoys but it was useless. Is it a secret room?

- Densha Soul: When Tobe Saito leaves us in the cabin where we found the akuryos Tom and Rose, He dropped a photo of him and his mother. Also knowing that there is a "Memory potion" in the room of the witch’s shadow on the wall, will this do part of the true ending of the game?

Congrats on finished the demo!Sorry for late reply since other games like HOV, roaches and Ningyo Heart were led by different team members who had better understanding of the story so I got to wait for their response regarding to some of your questions. Thanks for the wonderful questions! hopefully these will clear things up.

- House of Vampires: HOV : Kawajima looks similar to Mamoru's father because he is his long, lost twin. It got its own small sidestory known as ''Cursed twins.'' which is just a minor part but I will add it in my future game soon.

- Ningyo Heart: Note from author : The dollmaker destroyed their bodies after their soul were sucked out to erase the evidence of their visits to his house. With this, no one will ever know they were there. Plus, Mamoru lives alone (his parent dead.) and Ami's parent worked overseas so no one know exactly where they've gone, even they look for them. In good ending, Kana will remain as a doll and there are no clear clues whether the dollmaker's madness on searching the new heart for Kana will continue or not. In bad ending, Kana will get a new heart (Ami's heart) and she will become a human again. Yup, people who who got cursed lived longer than average human so yeah, you are right when you think dollmaker's age is more the 100 years old!

-Roaches: Yes, it is a secret room that will lead you to several power drinks but I don't remember how to get into that room. The author didn't giving his answer yet.

- Densha Soul: Bingo! the picture of Tobe with his mother and the memory potion is a crucial item for true ed which will be continued soon!)

Akumu disc 2 - ''The end of the darkness.''

by the way, I'm Asian too, Indonesian to be precise (that's why pandan cake sounds really familiar for me!). So don't be ashamed with your english, cause my english is not good too...

but, as other had said in other games, it's better for you to search proofreader for the game--someone expert in english, to make your game better

Oh my! I never know that but that means we are neighbor!(shaking hands!)XD I am from Singapore but now lives in Korea for my study. Anyway, thanks for your support!

I'm basically at the end of the demo, I've been doing a let's play of the game and I have to say the idea behind it is unique but there are certain things that make the game incredibly easy, especially running away from the monsters.
Either way, the game is interesting enough to keep me entertained but there is only 1 puzzle I really did not like but that's only a personal thing.

I won't lie though, I had to look up certain stuff otherwise I would have gotten stuck so I did a little cheating.

There was one thing that bugged me but I can't say it here because it gives the answers away. Multiple answers at that.

I wish I know what bugged you but judging from your last words saying it may gives answers to that, I assumed it must had something to do with the story but forgive me if I was wrong though xd. But I still glad the demo entertained you and if it not bothering you, I wish to know which puzzle you meant because it can be a useful feedback for me in future when I creating puzzles XD.

As for general information, I've decided this game will be consist of 2 saperated series and yup, Akumu disc 1 will be the sequel of this series and it will wrapped up the gaps and answers the mysteries in Akumu disc 2. Hopefully, you will be entertained with the new features presented in my recent blog!


Roaches Review!I did a review of this game! Check it out!

Wow! This is the first time my game got a video review! Thanks!! I really appreciate your thought and effort for this! XD

Akumu disc 2 - ''The end of the darkness.''

Hey, chocolate-san! It's nice to see your game again after a while! XD
it's definitely a lot more difficult than your other games (I've lost count how many time I've died even though I still haven't finished the first story!) so it's a great improvement!

and so, I got stuck in...
the basement, with the spider. I don't understand the clue "follow the footsteps". could you give me some hints to get through this?

I will be patiently wait for the answer (since I didn't see any walkthrough videos around youtube, and I'm too scared to do anything recklessly there), and hope Densha Soul' true end will be out soon. I think many people still wait patiently for that too! ^ ^

and something that intrigued me...
the pandan cake. Are you, perhaps, Asian?

haha... sorry for unrelated question above. just ignored it if you want ;)

First of all, thank you for playing the demo! About the difficulty, it was my intention not to make it difficult compared to other games I've made. As for the Densha Soul true ed route, my teammates still working on it and the progress is a bit slow since it needs lot of works and apparently, he had to focus on his final exam and thesis so yeah, he'll be back on track after Jun. Sorry everyone for the waiting but I promised it will be finished.

I forgot to inform in blog but it is highly recommended to save the game, especially when it comes to choices selection. The enemy chase is not a problem because you can heal yourself while running from it but if it still an issue, inform me so I could change it.

Another quick note, for the password type where you need to enter certain letters instead of usual numbers in story 2, you can escape the puzzle by entering any random letters in the column and then, press ok.

Well, it seems you are close enough to finish story one. The clue actually not complete. First, take a not of 2 leaking pipes above your head and a moving switch. Now, stand under the leaking pipe and when the switch move pass under it, smash spacebar or enter button and it will leak a gas. One of the switches reveal a hidden word ''Don't'' that gives the complete hint and another one will give the key.

Please remember the hint before you enter the next room. I.e, when you see footprints heading to left, avoid going there or you got trapped and hard to return back. So, hope that works. All left is the boss battle. Good luck!

By the way, I have wrote a walkthrough so if you and anyone else get stuck, you can read it on the walkthrough page, thank you.

Yep, that thing, along with obvious inexpert english thing, I am an Asian. XD

Akumu disc 2 - ''The end of the darkness.''

Hey, thanks for feedback! Could you please tell me which grey door of which room that it kills you too frequently. Is it the door after you exit the room where you met dead kimura's? In case, I may can fix the time when enemy appear while I still have time.

Good tips, make sure to keep pressing the D button if your heart get down, even when you are on the chase. So healing while dodging during the chase is good strategy.

The dollmaker just finished his work (giving dolls to children in the city).
Well, Mamoru and Ami....Lets say that we don't want to disturb them while they still on date.

Don't worry about densha soul. My teammates still working on it so lets hope he did it well and excellent.XD
It's the door where I have to choose the positive and negative numbers to activate the sequence. It's irritating that skeleton catch me so fast and also very difficult to escape from it without taking damages, much more than it was with the Akuryos or The Little Sisters Dolls. Especially when seeing the mini-gameplay in "Games Project", the skeleton seems to move a little more slower.

I'll take that tip, thanks: Although the instructions say that we have to use the medical kits carefully XD

Hum, I hope so XD (It gives me a little bad feeling that he knows a lot about Kai XD) Oh, eternal courtship for them? XD Although good, Mamoru and Ami deserve peace and quiet after everything that happened.

I really hope so. A good game deserves a good ending ^^

I've fix the speed of the enemy so it will chase you slower although I still recommended you to avoid running back into the building at the time it appears, as I mentioned the reason in the blog.

Please help me. Mediafire doesn't work for me. Would you put another download? In Dropbox, perhaps? Thank you so much!

Okay. For anyone who gets trouble downloading through mediafire, you can download it from this site, thank you.


Akumu disc 2 - ''The end of the darkness.''

An excellent new game, with such frightening atmosphere as Densha Soul. I admit that it has made me shit of fear several times till now xD. I applaud the great improvement in the graphs of the characters in the blocks of dialog.

I also love the detail of the "interconnection" with your previous works. It was great to see some of the previous protagonists.

LOL, what the hell does the Dollmaker in Kuro City? I hope he's not looking for another girl XD By the way, what has happened of Mamoru and Ami since I saw them having a date in Roaches?

The atmosphere of nightmare and destruction is spectacular (reminds me a lot to Silent Hill and Fallout 3), the puzzles, as challenging as ever. With many details and elements that make me save my game every once in a while.

Something that is irritating me a lot is that skeleton that pursues me and injures up to the death every time I come out of the gray doors: No matter how I try running, that damn skeleton murder me :P (Note: I love the detail of "You died" with details in blood) I think that the skeleton is pretty annoying and i also think that he can make several gamers lose the patience XD Leaving this detail aside, I really like the demo of this game.

Thank you and look forward to the true end of Densha!

Hey, thanks for feedback! Could you please tell me which grey door of which room that it kills you too frequently. Is it the door after you exit the room where you met dead kimura's? In case, I may can fix the time when enemy appear while I still have time.

Good tips, make sure to keep pressing the D button if your heart get down, even when you are on the chase. So healing while dodging during the chase is good strategy.

The dollmaker just finished his work (giving dolls to children in the city).
Well, Mamoru and Ami....Lets say that we don't want to disturb them while they still on date.

Don't worry about densha soul. My teammates still working on it so lets hope he did it well and excellent.XD

Densha Soul

I'd just like to say this:
"Poor Arnold. I wonder how it feels to be able to see ghosts or demons with my own eyes."
Is actually mostly correct. "I wonder how it feels" is OK because you're wondering about the person's emotional state (what they're feeling) if they would be able to see demons. It's like saying "I felt good".

The "my own eyes" part is incorrect though. Maybe "ones own eyes", or even just to make it sound more natural "your own eyes".

But yeah I agree that the grammar was bad overall.

@Mightydarkchocolate, I could help you to fix some of the grammar errors if you want to.

Thank you so much for your offer! I will mail you regarding it once the final phase of this game completed, which is still in progress. Yeah, after making like 4 games, I realized grammar is my big, weak point in game making, I admit that. Xd

Densha Soul

And thank you, I've already done it! Uff, this Akuryo turned out to be difficult, more that Dora or Broken Doll XD Now... Ah, that frustration! need one coupon to obtain the key No. 11 and I don't have any idea what to do now XD. I suppose that I should have to "arrange" the broken glass of the maid, but I don't find anything.

I also got mail that few others who gets trouble finding all nine. They either miss to follow bloody footprints on floor in a room where you found the mirror after placing the pictures. Another one is pushing the green head statue outside the library to the green switch in library. If you still stuck aftermath, I suggest you watch walk through video. Sorry for late reply since I'm quite busy that I'm barely have time to surf. Good luck finishing the game.

when i open the game it says rgss102e.dll could not be found?

You can either download RTP package for RMXP at official website or well, I've upload the missing file through this link. Download it and copy paste to game folder, hope it works.


as it is.. No, just no!
but if this was ever revamped from top to bottom id give it another shot

I am terribly sorry for grammatical error that bugs you and maybe other people who played this game. Actually, I've found someone who wants to proofread it but then, he did it halfway and giving up. It made my spirits went down a bit to look for new proofread and stick to focus in finishing the game first before anything else. I'll try do some fix on crucial dialogues in final release.

Densha Soul

Great game! It left me a warm feeling in my heart. I have to admit that some puzzles were tricky but I really enjoyed them. The most creepy part in the game for me was a doll house( damn you Dolly). I really hope that there will be a true ending in the future, because I don't really feel satisfied with the current endings. Jiyoka is my favorite character ( even though he's evil) and I would like to know more about his past.

btw sorry for my english, it's not my native language. :p

Thanks! I'm happy you're enjoying it! Just wait. I am now working on true ending route with my team again and it will be released in next four weeks.

I got both endings; I really enjoyed this game, good work with it! Those later puzzles were actually really tricky.

Cool! Thanks for the review and the playthrough. I really appreciates it, I'll take every point of your thought and opinion on this game through the review so I could do better in next future project.

I love this game very much, something that I’m liked so much is the puzzles and Survival Horror… and this one, and together with Ningyo Heart they have fulfilled all my expectations! Thank you very much!

About this game, what can I say? It has given me more frights and jumpscares that Ningyo Heart gave to me, the history is more complex and there’re more challenging puzzles … Though, personally, Momo doesn’t fall me very well as protagonist (I prefer Mamoru) and I’ve already written a VERY LONG comment about of incredibly stupid (Sorry TwT) that she seemed to myself… Until I read that she did NOT see anything, but we yes… OMG, a VERY chilling detail! O.o

Just now I am stuck by the sequence of the witch in the wall: Already I have done it of looking for her eye and doing the charm of the wall. How I face the Akuryo with one eye of the room if I don’t know how to withdraw the spiderwebs of the ceiling and the Witch’s door does it remain closed?

Something that I realize is that Densha Soul and Ningyo Heart happen in the same universe. The following thing that I found made me shit of fear:
So… Miku (and Ichirou) were servants who were expelled from the Underworld and reincarnated in the word of the living as dolls…

Dear Lord: Mamoru survived three (not, FOUR!) hits given to his heart by two ex-entities of the Hell O.O His mother had reason: "He is special one, isn’t he?”

Lol! congrats. You probably one of the few people who noticed the secret of the Miku and Ichirou's past. Anyway, sorry to hear you got stuck. Didn't know if you've solved it but after you've done solving puzzle of the witch's picture, head downstairs and check the broom in carriage 9th. Take it. It will be the item to get rid the spider web(Just make sure you've pull the switch behind the flag to drop the stairs so you could go to the ceiling.

Yup. The door of the witch room will be automatically closed once you've done with the witch's picture puzzle. No need to worry because you don't have to go back to that room anymore. I will tell the reason once I released the true ending route soon.