Roaches Review

First, thanks for the review & criticism given on certain aspect, especially the grammar. You are not the first & probably not the last person will advise me to do some grammar fix.

First thing first, this game is the 3rd game after Ten Tales & Ningyo Heart. If you played these 2 first, probably it will explain the floating flaming book which seems illogical to appear, just like you said. Yeah, my bad actually, I din't expect people will give this one a first go before these 2 but I had explained a bit that this game has connection with the previous game.

Second, I also know that the game mechanics (damage inflict by reducing speed & power drink for restoration.) is not everyone cup of tea. Some find it quite annoying & hard but the point is, I just try to bring something different for this one & no matter how it turns out, I felt satisfied with the result.

Second, I respect the fact that english is the universal language & used as main tool of communication in many site, including this site. Due to this reason, me & others who had no or less background of English do their best to made a game in english version so that it can be playable by lots of people so their hard work will paid off. If this released in my native language, I am pretty sure it won't get this far & probably get forgotten.

As you said, my game is not the only one in this site filled with grammar error & I can always find a proofread to do some fixing but again I decided to be D.Y.I type, because I learn a lot by doing things by myself. I knew my English is weak but I will make sure at least it's free from terrible spelling error & try my best to make it simple & understandable. But, if it irked you & some others who considered this to be huge, unforgiving issue, then forgive me but if you were in my place, probably you will know how hard to be an 'expert' in a language which is not your basis.

One more thing, I had done run test for almost 20 times (this is a fact, don't mind if you don't believe it.)at one point, I feel like I am going to threw up for replaying my games over & over but what can I say, I'm a person with flaws & mistakes did slipped away from my sight. But thanks for reporting the bugs anyway, I'll be sure to re test this game again & fix them all as soon I got free time at hands.

Oh, if you play my previous game, Ningyo heart. It probably going to irked you a bit with the grammar issues but still, I do hope you enjoyed it! Once again, thank you for taking time to review my game!

Deleted Review

Hopefully there will be more major changes in puzzles @ gameplay mechanics from the creator. Hopefully the creator didn't giving up to do better in full version. This is one of main and the most important aspect that will hook people to play the game.

I guess it was proved that astonishing beautiful arts and graphics isn't the main factor making a horror game a ''good'' horror games. It just a bonus. Like a cake, no matter how beautiful it looks and attractive (graphics/arts), people will only care about the taste if it (gripping puzzles/story route, etc). If it taste bad, people will never looks at it anymore.

Sadly enough, many people still get enchanted by beautiful, yet tasteless cakes in reality (just from my observation.)

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016) Review

Get enchanted by the arts and beautiful map looking but the game play, like the reviewer had mentioned, is just too common or basics. Well, I've seen and play lots of horror games with outstanding arts but only few of them are memorable and considered as the best because of the outstanding game mechanics. Maybe it will changes in full version release, which I truly hopes.

Ten Tales Review

Thank you so much for a such wonderful yet detailed review, Professor_Q! You don't know how much it means for me and other game developers to have their gamed reviewed! I will do my best fixing the grammar issues in future project, along with other issues. XD

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review

As much as I enjoyed playing this game, I had to agree with the facts given by the reviewer about it, especially when this game got listed in every misao category which could be questioned. Best soundtrack & music? It just used the soundtracks that already available from the RPG tool files. I've seen other games composed their own music and soundtracks which deserved more attention.

The reviewer nailed it well when it comes to gameplay mechanics or design of this game. The puzzles are simplest and the battle system is default based, which is common and there is nothing to be praised about it.

The good thing I like about this game is the beautiful graphics/artworks and how well soundtracks being applied with the background. Having no bugs and glitches also add a bonus and enjoyable, smooth experience while playing it.

Oh well, everyone has their own opinions and thoughts. I am not adding oil into the flame, but putting aside our rage and tries to see the rational or positive points from this review would have been better.

Ningyo Heart Review

Ah no problem, I'm glad the review got accepted the second time I posted it!
Hey, I'll try to think ideas for a horror game :)
I like the ideas where it's a scary empty house with dead creatures lurking around and there is a character who lost his/her memory. If you want I can send you some ideas I have @.@ let me know of you are interested in having some help!

Thanks Leigh for the cool idea! XD We will be sure to inform you if we need any help for the next project!

Ningyo Heart Review

A word thank you wouldn't be enough to describe how happy we are for this wonderful review. XD This had inspired us to make new game. Now, we are in brainstorming phase...searching for some good idea.

Challenge accepted, Leigh! we will make the puzzle much complex yet fun in same time in future! I guess we need to hired a person to improve the grammar too!

Glad you got the message! MikaChan. A game proved to be a great teaching tool too! & there is a small story behind the scene you mentioned, where :
Little Mamoru fall on the ground & stand up by himself - This inspired from a quote of a movie (batman movie). Alfred asked Bruce ''why do we fall, sir?''& then he said ''So that we can learn to pick ourselves up''
This quote has a deep meaning & show us there always be a good reason behind any hardship or troubles we faces in our life. :)
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