Densha Soul

Great game! It left me a warm feeling in my heart. I have to admit that some puzzles were tricky but I really enjoyed them. The most creepy part in the game for me was a doll house( damn you Dolly). I really hope that there will be a true ending in the future, because I don't really feel satisfied with the current endings. Jiyoka is my favorite character ( even though he's evil) and I would like to know more about his past.

btw sorry for my english, it's not my native language. :p

Thanks! I'm happy you're enjoying it! Just wait. I am now working on true ending route with my team again and it will be released in next four weeks.

I got both endings; I really enjoyed this game, good work with it! Those later puzzles were actually really tricky.

Cool! Thanks for the review and the playthrough. I really appreciates it, I'll take every point of your thought and opinion on this game through the review so I could do better in next future project.

I love this game very much, something that I’m liked so much is the puzzles and Survival Horror… and this one, and together with Ningyo Heart they have fulfilled all my expectations! Thank you very much!

About this game, what can I say? It has given me more frights and jumpscares that Ningyo Heart gave to me, the history is more complex and there’re more challenging puzzles … Though, personally, Momo doesn’t fall me very well as protagonist (I prefer Mamoru) and I’ve already written a VERY LONG comment about of incredibly stupid (Sorry TwT) that she seemed to myself… Until I read that she did NOT see anything, but we yes… OMG, a VERY chilling detail! O.o

Just now I am stuck by the sequence of the witch in the wall: Already I have done it of looking for her eye and doing the charm of the wall. How I face the Akuryo with one eye of the room if I don’t know how to withdraw the spiderwebs of the ceiling and the Witch’s door does it remain closed?

Something that I realize is that Densha Soul and Ningyo Heart happen in the same universe. The following thing that I found made me shit of fear:
So… Miku (and Ichirou) were servants who were expelled from the Underworld and reincarnated in the word of the living as dolls…

Dear Lord: Mamoru survived three (not, FOUR!) hits given to his heart by two ex-entities of the Hell O.O His mother had reason: "He is special one, isn’t he?”

Lol! congrats. You probably one of the few people who noticed the secret of the Miku and Ichirou's past. Anyway, sorry to hear you got stuck. Didn't know if you've solved it but after you've done solving puzzle of the witch's picture, head downstairs and check the broom in carriage 9th. Take it. It will be the item to get rid the spider web(Just make sure you've pull the switch behind the flag to drop the stairs so you could go to the ceiling.

Yup. The door of the witch room will be automatically closed once you've done with the witch's picture puzzle. No need to worry because you don't have to go back to that room anymore. I will tell the reason once I released the true ending route soon.

Densha Soul

Hey can I send you my playthrough on this game?

Sure! we would love to see them. It will be nice if you can share by sending it through this game webpage. Thanks! XD

Densha Soul

I really like this game ,but I really stuck on it......It says I need to find some cloth to put the oil on it.Where can I find that cloth? Also.....I really need some strategies for the puzzle......

Finally got some free time to surf. Sorry to hear you got stuck but you supposed to get handkerchief after you met Yui in carriage 3th. Make your way to there first.

I think I will upload walk through soon I am free from my works.

I'm glad to inform that we are now working on the true route ending gameplay and want to say big thanks for your supports and encouraging words.


Sorry about that. Fixed it! XD I am a bit new in posting media/video walkthrough.
How did you submit playthrough videos & make it appear in the game pages, I wonder?

Densha Soul

Soo... I just played this game :D Lemme share my opinion

- This game is simply adorable! For some reasons (that I still didn't know myself) it reminds me of Ib (maybe the simplicity?)
- The puzzle and jumpscares are well enough :) The puzzle, as some people had said, was not too easy nor too hard, which is good :D
- Maybe if you added more save slot it'll be good!!
- I love the CGs!! Though, Momo and Yui appeared younger than their age (meh, that's not really important, to be honest. I like them like that, though)
- You ended the demo, right before Yui and Momo "interesting" scene (Right after I shouted "aww". Sheesh, Yui, dance in that kind of situation? I don't really know his intention, to cheer Momo up or just being so careless. But this scene made my heart--and Momo's, maybe, a little flattered). because of this, I myself can't wait for the full version of this game XD
- I hope there's more plot branching on the story, so it's not just good and bad ending :D
- And--forgive me for being so weird, somehow, I didn't like the font. It's a little to big and dull. I'll appreciate it if you change the font

That's all! I really, really wait for the full version of this awesome game! Thank you for making such awesome games and share it freely to us! Keep up the spirit and the good work! :D

Ganbatte kudasai!!

-best regards, Fumaira

you really change the font? thanks for concerning my thought! though, to be honest (please, please forgive my weirdness >.< ) it' still... dull ^ ^;
so, can i give you these two fonts as suggestion? it's up to you whether you will use it or not, it's just a suggestion. they're free, btw

railway : http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/railway
arno-pro : http://www.fontyukle.net/en/DownLoad-Arno+Pro.ttf
sample :

also, if you guys need a beta-tester, I will gladly join to help :D

soo... we must wait longer for the full version huh? I hope it will be a worth waiting! just hoping it won't come around october though, or else i have to play it around december, but hey, i can spare my time for this game even though the midterm is on my way

and there's a hidden story arc! yaay~ i like things like that~!! take your time guys and make it a worth waiting! XD

Thanks! I'll be checking the link you give. Well, actually, my teammates also think it still dull (I changed font from Arial to Century.) so it will be edited again soon.
We indeed need several beta testers (we've got 2 so far) for this game so we will be sure to inform you. Thank you for your help! XD)

I can say that the game mechanics & puzzles took most of our time to be completed. & just to let you & others know, Densha souls game play didn't just take a place in a train, but somewhere else as well.

I just asked my friends to add flashlight features with some twist & share you a bit about ''nightmare dimensions.'' in future update. once again, thanks for you & others patience & support! we will do our best! XD


Random thoughts-good/bad/notes/glitches

-there is alot of grammar/incorrect words in this :3

-go right at start,your character should not know about the letter!

-lmao Ningyo heart is a rpg maker game not a novel! XD

-Does Yumi normally see super natural things? asking if people have seen a ghost is odd otherwise

-poor mana....they....will...pay...

-but its rather questionable if you need that many clus after seeing that

-the mapping is well done,also love the special work you did

-North area,we all know where that couple is from lol...tho they never actually went on a date they are just friends

-Promotion flier in Tak shop another goes off screen

-would be great if your character...kind of questioned things logically and had common sense lol...
like a fetch quest,people going missing having actually seen a monster already,pretty baffling how she accepts all of this!

-picture room-need to remove the dialog and just show the picture

-does mana like...not see all the weird stuff around her? the blood the ya know?

-another thing in horror games that is annoying,when everyone beside you has a master key and can go where ever they want!

-MAJOR PLOT HOLE,Takuma is the one who created the magnifying potion so why did he say the roach obsessed guy(mada)
is the one who made it???

-that food scavenge quest was actually rather fun

-oni chan? woh woh woh! was this translated from Japanese? :3

-never say it not the time to do something yet unless theres a actual reason! it hurts the atmosphere

Aside from the awkward grammar,this was a great game.
the plot was well done
and i enjoyed this.
i highly recommend this to others.
may do a full playthru of it.

Hi! Thanks for playing the game & sharing your thoughts. Glad you enjoyed it. I guess for the future project I will try my best to find proofreader (For real.) I guess grammatical issues can ruin the game & I'm took advise from the review of this game that points to that problem.

Sorry for the bugs & glitch you face. I can't fixed it since my friend who hold the encrypted version can't be contacted ever since the review.

Let's say the Akuma bookstore shopkeeper, Natsuki is the one who sent the flaming book to 'help' Mamoru in Ningyo Heart game but apart from giving help, that book actually spy & record the whole scene so he can write a novel from it & sell it.(Sure, Mamoru never knows this.)

This game took place several months after Ningyo Heart so Mamoru & Ami you saw holding hands are a sign that they are an official lovers & they actually went on date.

Yea, Yumi is kinda lack of common sense a bit...& immature. Also didn't care anything else as long she can slap the roaches & get paid.

Takuma just create a formula of the magnify potion but he never make an actual potion from the formula due to the risk. Mada who stole the formula was the first person who ever produce the magnify potion. (Hope this clear the misunderstanding.)

To tell player that ''it is not the right time to do something yet.'' is happen when you put 2 or more puzzles in same map & I want one of the puzzles remain inactive until the story had progressed to a certain point when you finally received a quest to solved it. I also didn't want people to get confuse of which puzzles they have to solve first & which one is not.

But I had avoid using this setting in future game. XD


I used the
broomstick to hit the spider, but now I cant get the necklace.
Do I have to startover? -_-

Sorry late reply. Nope, don't worry. That necklace is an item for sidequest where you gave to a large statue upstairs to retrieves extra power drinks. If you miss it, it won't affect anything at all.

Ningyo Heart

i generally find horror games meh but this one actually had a great plot set up
giving not only character depth but a logical(not plot device) reason for the MC being there

i found no glitches
but the grammar could be improved to make the experience a bit better

i loved the puzzles in the game they were well done and had the player think a little
but not give them a headache at any point with unreasonable requests(for me anyway)
Random thoughts
-lots of broken/awkward english
-Game breaking bug, DONT USE THE LETTUCE
-why...couldn't you find the need b4 she...makes no sense.
-puppet room,when you interact with them they should not face you
-its extremely stupid that your character says they dont need the piano key right now so you dont take it
-potions in puppet masters room need work visually,some even change after reading the book.
-why cant your character handle soem dolls?he is even a fighter with 550 hp and a sword skill!
-where in the fing hell is the item you need to give to the guy so you dont suffer!?(i know what it is)

with a second playthru im quite content
but 2 things i dont know...

1.where is the rose to give the guy???please tell me that info is not pointless to the player(yeah it comes up in the piano room but that's irrelevant to you)

2.in the room with the coffin,what item do you put in the top left corner?i looked really hard ad found nothing else....

As im not expecting a response soon please send the reply as a pm to me
thank you

Hi! Thanks Shayoko for making a playthrough media for my game! I'll answers the main question first regarding the red rose & the bloodied hand print where you suppose to put something on it. These 2 things were connected to each other & actually, it was one of the 2 hidden secrets mentioned in front age : The Kana secret. It is up to you either you wish to unlock the secret or not since it will not affect the ending but still can be a nice reward for people who want to try.

To get Kana secret, find red rose & give it to Ichirou. Where to find it? well...

Give it to Ichirou when he asked you to 'pay' for his help. Once, done continue the game & retrieve your reward from this area & tadaa! Put it back on the bloodied handprint to open a nice story of Kana. (Yeah, don't asked why it was there. All thanks to my team member who decide to make Kana's secret is hard to be revealed.)

If you have missed Kana's secret, there is a chance to unlock doll maker's secret. Say, when you are asked to pay Ichirou's debt (Not giving him the rose.) you will ended up get beaten & tied up in a chair moment later where he wants to slice your chest open. Once you 'beat' him, take the doll maker family potrait on the wall before went out from the trap room. Goes to place you face redpunzel previously where you will notice another bloodied handprint on the wall & use the potrait to uncover a hidden room.

Roaches Review

First, thanks for the review & criticism given on certain aspect, especially the grammar. You are not the first & probably not the last person will advise me to do some grammar fix.

First thing first, this game is the 3rd game after Ten Tales & Ningyo Heart. If you played these 2 first, probably it will explain the floating flaming book which seems illogical to appear, just like you said. Yeah, my bad actually, I din't expect people will give this one a first go before these 2 but I had explained a bit that this game has connection with the previous game.

Second, I also know that the game mechanics (damage inflict by reducing speed & power drink for restoration.) is not everyone cup of tea. Some find it quite annoying & hard but the point is, I just try to bring something different for this one & no matter how it turns out, I felt satisfied with the result.

Second, I respect the fact that english is the universal language & used as main tool of communication in many site, including this site. Due to this reason, me & others who had no or less background of English do their best to made a game in english version so that it can be playable by lots of people so their hard work will paid off. If this released in my native language, I am pretty sure it won't get this far & probably get forgotten.

As you said, my game is not the only one in this site filled with grammar error & I can always find a proofread to do some fixing but again I decided to be D.Y.I type, because I learn a lot by doing things by myself. I knew my English is weak but I will make sure at least it's free from terrible spelling error & try my best to make it simple & understandable. But, if it irked you & some others who considered this to be huge, unforgiving issue, then forgive me but if you were in my place, probably you will know how hard to be an 'expert' in a language which is not your basis.

One more thing, I had done run test for almost 20 times (this is a fact, don't mind if you don't believe it.)at one point, I feel like I am going to threw up for replaying my games over & over but what can I say, I'm a person with flaws & mistakes did slipped away from my sight. But thanks for reporting the bugs anyway, I'll be sure to re test this game again & fix them all as soon I got free time at hands.

Oh, if you play my previous game, Ningyo heart. It probably going to irked you a bit with the grammar issues but still, I do hope you enjoyed it! Once again, thank you for taking time to review my game!

Densha Soul

Sorry replying late, for Leoloria & few others who face the same problem, you
can try to download the file through this site.