Mica: Apoptosis

Since this is a puzzle genre rpg games, I am looking forward about the game play rather than the fine arts but I guess we need to wait for demo to tell. Hopefully the puzzles @ game play will be satisfying @ gripping.

The premise of the story is quite good & since I used the same game maker engine I can tell the rtp maps screenshots are okay although some of them are bit dark for player to see around.

[DEMO] Residence Of Hell

The gameplay mechanics sounds interesting. Good luck on finishing it! XD

Images on gamepages

I think I've read about new rule regarding adding arts into images@ screenshots section which will cause the game approval being denied. Due to respecting this new rule, I avoid adding any arts or images as screenshot. But anyway, even with this rule,

I bet these people still can change the original screenshots to images or arts once their game accepted. Yeah, I got to agree with you. it grows lately & it seems showing off beautiful arts as screenshots is an undeniable eye catching treat to gain fast votes/supports rather than the showing off the premise of the game play itself.

Densha Soul

I loves the part when you got into the hell train. The puzzles are fun and the moving train, especially when you went to the ball (dance), it looks realistic!

The best part is the dancing scene where the skeletons start to dance and the jester demons play music with the violinist by duel (swan lake suits the scene well!). I can tell lots of works had to be done for this game, so keep it up! I just want to know if it possible when the target date of completing this game & what is your current update?

First, thanks for your kind words and supports, means a lot for me & my well dedicated team members. As for update, This is the current update of craazy things we had done for the game that you will only see in full version.

Just a random game snapshot of 2nd phase of the game and since we add art for Jiyoka, we thought it is super nice to create arts for Yui and Momo as well!

As for release full version date, our game lead, Dark has not spoken about it yet but one thing for sure, please keep supporting us. The better the support, the faster this game will come to fruition. Supports works like charms for my team members. For all the hardship, dedication and excellent works they've presented in this game. Once again, thanks for asking. XD

Dreams as a plot device in horror games

I guess creating a ''dreamland'' will allow you to put all kind of monsters, things that defies logic(blood there and here, floating object, etc.)with no worries. See? people will NOT going to argue things like ''why there is a blood there? why the monsters are there?'' cause the answer is simple : It's a ''dreamland'', many weird thing can happen here.

Usually, the MC will aware she/he in different world & hence, no ones going to argue why the MC wasn't scared or surprised with all kind of terror around her/him.

In my newest game, I made MC explores in a normal a.k.a real world/place and have these horror elements around the places, someone come and said ''Is she blind? Can't she see the horror around her why why she still exploring?'', Emphasis how ''wrong'' to place these horror elements in reality. I guess if it a dreamland, then this will never happened.

I never tries the idea of MC dreaming and teleported to ''dreamland'', probably it is an overused idea/concept in many horror games & didn't feel like to apply it.

Densha Soul

Ah, that does make more sense. I just assumed she was too focused on trying to get home she just ignored it. It actually makes more sense after reading this and how she doesn't actually see what we see :3
SO I have a question more on your games in general. Do all of them take place in the same universe?
Also do you do some of the graphics yourself? Like the ballerinas and dolls in Ningyo Heart and the spirits in Densha Soul?

Bingo! Yes, they all take place in same world/dimension (I bet you and others who played my previous games will notice that XD). I did most of 80% sprites/graphics (bad spirits (Akuryos, good spirits, moving train, etc) & my team member will do the rest.

Densha Soul

(Sorry I got emergency working call.) I thought about giving more details.

Hopefully, it's explain a bit about the Story for everyone.

1. Momo isn't from the Kuro City, she's from the other town. She never knews anything about the H-666 train. There is also no solid information being spilled around the station that said ''H-666 train is a train for dead souls or anything like that which makes Momo fully aware that train isn't a train for human. The info about the train in the station is ambigious, goes like ''train H-666 running for special trip, etc..''

2. Momo actually NEVER sees all of the ''creepy stuff.'' Yes, she never sees the writings in blood, blood spots on wall or floor, the dead souls, the figure in ticket box, the creepy eye,the cats, one eyed monster that chased her. That's why you DON'T SEE she goes GAGA or ape shit of a first sightseeing of dead souls lining up to buy ticket. The dead souls appears like seconds and disappear quickly, which didn't give her enough time to notice them to be inhuman. YES, SHE'S ''BLIND'' to her surrounding when she's exploring the station, harassing by spirits which invisible to her eyes & become more ''blind'' as she's too concern about her mother.

How much she cares for her mother? well, so much that she even tries to jump out from the train later on, once she knew the train won't stopped.

3. The only thing that visible to her eyes is the boy's spirit (which appear in human form.) Exception added at the time when the giant mouth is chasing her, although she didn't really caught of ''what'' exactly the 'thing' that chase her.

4. Notice how she remains calm at the time she stepped on the hell train, before she talks to the boy. She 'sees' the train as normal as any other train should be. Yep, she didn't notice the bones, smoke or how creepy the train looks like.
She just see only a boy sitting on the chair.

5. Crucial point is when the boy asked Momo to turned around and sees people on the chair. At this time, the H-666 train BEGIN to enter the ''DIFFERENT WORLD/DIMENSION'' and Momo finally able to 'SEE' the dead souls as they begin to materialize, for real and yes,the true face of the train. Of course, she will screams and starts to become panic.

6. I made Momo's situation as mine in past few months ago, I got a call from my family about my ill sister and I rushed to the station. I got too distracted with my sister's that I became unaware with my surrounding. The people around me, the voices, noises and of course, without realize I got myself into a wrong train. Funny thing is I just begin to realize it when I asked the woman nearby how long it takes to reach my hometown and she's just said, this train isn't go that way....

7. There is people told different experiences of being chased by ghost thing that I watched from some show. The person didn't actually sees the ghosts with her own eyes, but she get a strong feeling of ''something'' is close to her, making her scare and insecure that she begin to run out from her house out of sudden, mentioning how she feels something is chasing her. Well, what happened to Momo in station much closer to this type of experience.

8. I think we had been subtle enough for not try to kill MC at the first time she stepped into the station.

Hopefully, its explain a bit about the story and once again, thanks for giving honest feed backs to me.

Densha Soul

Hi ! I've played the demo, and I think this game deserve a review. I'm sorry if I make any mistake, english is not my native langage.

First, let me start by the good points of the game : the puzzles are cool, not too easy, not too difficult, and they make sense. I like the idea of having to pay the ticket in Diyu Note, it's well thought ! The gameplay, in fact, is good !
The background is not bad, too. A "ghost train" wich happen to come in that station during the "blood moon" is cool, it could even be a good start for a creepypasta.

But... there is one big problem. There is OBVIOUSLY something wrong with the main character : her environment has absolutely no effect on her. There is a seemingly ghost children, spirits trying to kill her everywhere, objects moving by themselves, invisible forces preventing her to take the stairs or pick up things, and she's like "It's okay, everything is normal." She even buy a ticket from a spirit that just pop out of nowhere in front of her ! You would expect her to just break into catatonia !

I don't know about you, but if a giant mouth, evil spirits and big flying red eyes were chasing me and were trying to rip my face off, I would just put as many doors, walls and continent between me and that station. The main character is not scared : not only it doesn't make any sense (seriously, is she blind ?), but it makes the game not scary. I'm not saying that the main character should run away : there would be no game, and I really think it has a good potential !

When trying to scare the player, there should be a "ladder effect" : it begin with subtle things, then it get more and more scary, weirder... Do not throw evil ghosts and monsters in the face of your players at the first minute. Make them wait. Doubt, suspens and expectation of fear are scarier.

I would advise that the "horror aspect" of the game should be more, WAY more subtle. For example : she arrive in the station, buy a ticket from a normal person, and when she is waiting for the train, weird things happen. Spirits of dead people appears here and there during a few seconds, scaring her. Objects move by themselves, doors open...

Also, it is a bit too obvious that the train H-666 isn't a normal train. Thre is, literaly everywhere, hints that it's akind of "haunted" train, or a train that go in hell or something like that. Again, if you were the main character, wouldn't you be like "Nope, nothing to do here, Kthanksbye." ? I know she is worried about her mother but come on...
Of course, the player know what it's all about, so we're not surprised. But the main character should... When she enter in the wagon, there is smoke, blood on the walls, bones on the floors and she go to the little boy (who said he has been waiting his mother during TEN YEARS) and say "Hi ! Are you going back home ?"...

Again, do not be upset. Those are the big problems with the game, but there is also good things in it, really. The idea of the cat warning the player is cool, the idea of a haunted station is cool, the writtings appearing on the walls are cool and made me shiver, the puzzles are okay, the graphics are good. If I write this review, it's sincerely because I think Densha Soul could be a really good and scary game, it just need some improvement.

Hey, thanks for dropping by and share your thoughts. I just make some quick explanation here. The main character isn't from the town. she's an outsider which means she DOESN'T KNOW anything about the hell train, means she had no idea of what exactly going on in the station. She's been overwhelmed by a feeling of worry of her sick mother. Of course, dead spirit popped everywhere but the MC actually can't see them yet (most of them.) The red moon make the spirit start to manifest as time goes by, indicating why supernatural things begin to appear more vivid as the journey goes on.

Densha Soul

Thanks Delayed_Chimera! At first we thought about reusing the heartbeat system from previous game but this works better!

Demo of 30 minutes had been released. As much we working our best on this game, we are hoping some genuine feed backs if you give it a try. I also welcomed any constructive criticism from anyone.

The main strength of our game will be the gripping story as well as original puzzles. But we try to add few art at certain part.

Deleted Review

Hopefully there will be more major changes in puzzles @ gameplay mechanics from the creator. Hopefully the creator didn't giving up to do better in full version. This is one of main and the most important aspect that will hook people to play the game.

I guess it was proved that astonishing beautiful arts and graphics isn't the main factor making a horror game a ''good'' horror games. It just a bonus. Like a cake, no matter how beautiful it looks and attractive (graphics/arts), people will only care about the taste if it (gripping puzzles/story route, etc). If it taste bad, people will never looks at it anymore.

Sadly enough, many people still get enchanted by beautiful, yet tasteless cakes in reality (just from my observation.)