Densha Soul

I am going to do a quick update about this game. This is one of the example of gameplay mechanic as well as the sneak peak of the hell train. (Warning-spoiler alert of the cutscene, skip it if you want.) Gameplay mechanics involve ''black cat- the grim'' system ( a black cat appear as a sign for upcoming danger and for you to save beforehand.)

Sneak peak H-666 train.

Gameplay mechanics (Note that the grim wagon can kill you if you got hit by it.) Also an advanced cutscene aftermath (skip if you don't want to watch it.)

I might as well need a proofreader (will be decided soon). Thanks for support.

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016) Review

Get enchanted by the arts and beautiful map looking but the game play, like the reviewer had mentioned, is just too common or basics. Well, I've seen and play lots of horror games with outstanding arts but only few of them are memorable and considered as the best because of the outstanding game mechanics. Maybe it will changes in full version release, which I truly hopes.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks guys for the tips/comments & Alichains, those image is helpful. well, it's been a while I went on train ride, xd. Anyway, this is the latest and the best changes we could do so far!

No jolly window scenery like in the first video. Basically, it is about a hell a.k.a ghost train. I used RPG XP anyway, and find horror sources for RPG XP is quite scarce but that's the fun & challenging part. This is one of the intro map screenshot with shining red moon in the background that took whole day to be created. Just sharing.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I have been pulling out my brain thinking how to make a train ride map that will give you a ''real ride feeling'' in my upcoming horror game. Densha Soul.'' After doing some tricky animations of the windows for days, this is my result of experiment and I and other team members are quit satisfied with it.

How do you guys think? I quite picky when it comes to creating map. I want my map didn't look too static, which means I wish it to be a bit lively (like moving or shaking plants when I made an outdoor map with windy weather, etc.)

Reusing resources

I get no problems reusing back (50%) resources from previous games, mostly Sound Effects & BGM files for new games. But anyway, I will try my best not to reuse same character sprites (except I wish them take small part of the game's story) as well as tilesets.

Reusing back old sources are fine, as long you knew where and when the right time to use it.

How many hours or days does it take you to make an hour of game?

Let's say, if I used back the sources available from previous games like tilesets, audio, etc for new game development that is 1 hour game play, it will took only 1 month with 4-5 hours per day of consistent working, including several complete run test to finish it.

My first project (1 hour gameplay) before took 6 months to complete since I started with zero sources & need to spend lots of time gathering the sources first before I even able to open the game maker program to start the works.

Ningyo Heart

I had downloaded quite a few games in one night to play ^^; plus it was a while ago as I had computer issues and then surgery to go through. I started the game last night and when that happened is when I came on here and made an account to see what went wrong. Thank you very much for the file.

The game overall is wonderful! I actually yelped a few times while I was playing it in the dark. I read over some of the comments, and yes, your translation is a little rough but it is still coherent and understandable. And it doesn't have glitches like getting stuck in the wall or frozen sprites like Lakewood Story. Your English is better than that game too.

:D Oh? I'd love to. I'll check it out once I finish Ningyo Heart! ^^ Thank you

I should be the one to say thank you for your kind words, patience and most of all, for taking time to play my game & giving feedbacks about it! & I'm glad you are enjoying it too! XD


The variation of puzzles really get me on hook to play this game. cleaning, gardening, killing the roaches are fun! Yumi is lucky anyway, fall into the pit and get trapped with a bunch of hot guys! If it was me, I'll jumped into the pit by myself even the big roach doesn't appear!

I am on my way getting items for Takuma. So, I found a creepy eye & I think I knew what to do but what will I get from this side quest? & do you mind tell me a bit about the hidden area since I am not good at dodging the cockroaches & somehow ended up using more power drinks! Maybe a hint will be appreciated.

By the way, poor Mark. In Ten Tales he got kicked by Maria and now, he got slapped by Yumi (domestic violance? 0_0) & I pretty much hate Adam. Hmmm, there must be a reason why Mada's true face can't be shown. I wonder why.

Hot guys? Did you counts Mr. Jenkin as hot too?! XD Happy you did enjoy the puzzles, we did our best to make different type of puzzles for this game. Creepy eye is a side quest that will reward you :
10 power drinks

I guess some people can't avoid that roaches xd. Well if you want to know a bit, you can watched the walkthrough. Other than that, why don't you checked :
A room with deadly cable on the floor, be sure to flush each toilet. Try to look at the place where you got an empty petrol bottle. 4/5 hidden area will grant you 7 power drinks for each while another 1 is only 3. I feel sorry for Mark, but having him getting hit, kicked or slapped is for his own good. Yes, I knew people WILL hate Adam. The reason why Mada is appear in black figure is because no one ever see him, even me. But hey, he will appear at the ending of the game, so no worries. Good Luck finishing the game!

Ningyo Heart

Dear TheCountess, I had removed the download link in the blog since the main cause of the problem had been discovered and I wish people will read the blog first to avoid it from happens. But the good news, I haven't deleted the save file yet so here it is :

By the way, taking this chance while replying to the noted problem, I want to say thank you x 1000 for people who played this game, people who subscribe it, as well others who did Lets Play on Youtube. I am really enjoy watching them all! You guys are awesome! Apart from the fun, it also helps me to learn the good and bad points of my own game for future references. XD

By the way, I hope you don't mind to give my newest game a try. The puzzles are more challenging, more grind & it had different gameplay mechanics. It takes place right after Ningyo heart event and several months after Ten Tales. So you might meet some kind of 'crossover' between the characters.

When is it *good* to abandon a project?

If it was me, the only reason I will abandon my games only when I discovered it filled tremendous glitches and bugs that beyond repair @ requires me to start back from A to Z point to remake it.

I knew when people work on 2 or more game projects, they will likely to abandon one of them sooner or later, which is what I will avoid at any cost & focusing on 1 project at one time.