Announcement for those who plays my game & somehow get stuck at certain part, there is one good news, a close friend of mine had done some ''walk through'' which serves as a guidance for you guys.

Although I am not fond preparing a ''walk through'' for this game since I was hoping people can solve it by themselves, I can't just ignores my friend's hard work of making these videos.


Walkthrough finished, the conclusion I could made from hers is
: 2/5 hidden area discovered, 1/3 side quest completed, no death/game over.

Fun facts (only read this after you gained the ending)
The bloody knife you found at the pond was actually used by Adam. He used it to hurt himself so he will not look suspicious (a cut on his right arm). He tried to dispose by throwing it into the pond. So, he was not being attacked by the giant roach like you saw in earliest part. The giant roach was actually 'hugging' him in that scene.
When Yumi introduced herself to Adam in their first meeting, she never mentioned about her being a roach killer yet, Adam knew about it when he mocked her for being useless later on. (he is an outsider, he shouldn't has known about Yumi. This mean he is lying about being an outsider.)
The bone you gave to Pochi the dog, is actually belong to the missing corpse. It had fall from the corpse at the time Mada @ Adam dragging it into his house.
The drawing on the wall in one of the hidden areas (shown in walkthrough) was a prophecy created by people who lived in the building a long time ago (Yumiru is Yumi who can't used her strength (symbolic of broken sword) to fight the giant roach which sent by Sumada who is actually Mada.)

Anyway, for those who had download my game & give it a try, thank you so much! having people download & play it really made my hard work paid off! XD

I did complete run test 10th time for this game but still, I am just a normal man that might miss some spot. If you STILL discover any bugs & glitch, kindly let me know but so far, it is a smooth game.


I like Roaches When we come to a full?

Somewhere in April 2014 (between 20th-25th). It's my habit to posted game only when it is 50% done. Glad you like it XD. The full version will be packed with more intense horror (giant roaches chasing or flying at you, more puzzles and plot twist).

Ningyo Heart

I have found a game-breaking bug that may very well ruin all the work and saves you've done. At "DOLLMAKER HOUSE LEVEL 2"'s upstair level, DO NOT PULL THE CURTAIN BY THE WINDOW. If you do so, this'll start
the event in the club room where the creepy face knocks on the window BEFORE YOU EVEN READ THE STORY ABOUT THE DOLLMAKER when it's supposed to activate after doing the puzzle in that room. Of course, if you're professional dodger, you can still dodge the creepy face that has ENTERED INTO THE ROOM ALREADY, and close the curtain thus deleting the creepy face and the event will proceed as normal. HOWEVER, there's still one more problem. After completing the puzzle, the creepy face will not appear but a timer will appear. This will create an unopenable door, and YOU CANNOT PROGRESS ON THAT SAVE BECAUSE THE DOOR WILL BE INFINITELY LOCKED.
. Don't make the mistake where I had to go through the entire game again, back to the club room in order to start playing again. I haven't found a way to fix this bug so just beware of it. Please make a note of this mightydarkchocolate, and sorry for the excessive and strange use of bold. I was slightly angry that I had to waste time replaying the game in order to progress in the game again.

I gonna have to say thanks for you. Now, I am able to found the cause of the bug. and I am sorry for the trouble you have to face. I suggest people keep save file before the entering the club room because I assume one of the Miku duplications had caused this but apparently, not. Now, I will update the blog.

If you read my blog, I had prepared the save file where you will start at point after reading the diary. Once again, thanks. You helped me as well others too!

Ningyo Heart

I've just finished this game today. It was nice. I liked the puzzles ( so original :D ) and the story very much. The fact that when there was a dangerous situation you could hear a heartbeat was well thought ;)The maps were nice too. One thing that bothered me were the grammar mistakes. They ruined the mood. Everytime I tried to immerse myself in the story and enjoy it, when I found out some weird spelling everything was ruined. I understand since english is not my first language either, but a proofreader would have been nice. I only got one of the endings and I have no ideea if it was good or bad. Can anyone give me a brief summary of the endings, please? ( thanks :D) Anyway, thank you very much for working on this game. I had fun and I hope to see more projects from you in the future. :) Good luck!

Thanks for your feedback & I am glad you are enjoying it. Yea lot of people commented about the grammar issue which I try to fix in future project (still in progress), I might look for someone to do the proofread as well.

There are 2 possible endings that you could achieved
Good ending. Kana appeared after you got beaten & beg the dollmaker to stop the madness. You saved Ami from the horrible fate, escape from that place together (holding hands). By brief, this means Mamoru had surpassed his weaknesses
& become strong.
P/s : a short scene after the credits shown little sister dolls hovering the cursed doll of Mamoru is just a joke/prank. They thought the doll was him and play with the doll.

Bad ending. You had been defeated. The dollmaker removed your soul into the cursed doll & continue his evil plan (He transferred Ami soul into a doll before taking her heart out). In the end, both Mamoru and Ami were together at last, but as dolls & no longer could convey their feelings to one another.
To get this ending, it was easy. just ignored the last book after defeating killer hood & went into the final room.

Ningyo Heart

First of all, for Katie, I am terribly sorry for what you had been through while playing my game. I tried to check the issue you mentioned but still can't find how it happened but thanks for reporting it and I'll be sure to update if I found the cause.

And for your information, we had done 35 complete run test before posting it and this however, not an easy task. This project is 6 months of our solid hard work and we had dedicated and poured everything we had into this game. Yet, hidden bugs are still exist and slipped from our sight. They are a worst nightmare, not just for me, but for any game developers. Trust me, no one wants bugs in their game, and it was a happiness & joy for any developers to have their games to run smoothly & enjoyed by others til the end.

I would like to say thanks to the rest of members (bow head). Your kind words really heals and cheers me up. I never expected this to happen but I had learnt something valuable from it.

Ten Tales Review

Thank you so much for a such wonderful yet detailed review, Professor_Q! You don't know how much it means for me and other game developers to have their gamed reviewed! I will do my best fixing the grammar issues in future project, along with other issues. XD

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review

As much as I enjoyed playing this game, I had to agree with the facts given by the reviewer about it, especially when this game got listed in every misao category which could be questioned. Best soundtrack & music? It just used the soundtracks that already available from the RPG tool files. I've seen other games composed their own music and soundtracks which deserved more attention.

The reviewer nailed it well when it comes to gameplay mechanics or design of this game. The puzzles are simplest and the battle system is default based, which is common and there is nothing to be praised about it.

The good thing I like about this game is the beautiful graphics/artworks and how well soundtracks being applied with the background. Having no bugs and glitches also add a bonus and enjoyable, smooth experience while playing it.

Oh well, everyone has their own opinions and thoughts. I am not adding oil into the flame, but putting aside our rage and tries to see the rational or positive points from this review would have been better.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Thinking about making the new survival horror game(rpg), Sweet Mares using RPG maker Xp. I am going to apply same game mechanics from my previous horror game.

But this time, I will have some cookies and Gingerbread man as the main villains. Now creating a map tileset that made from sweet things (table made from cracker, wall made from cake, etc). XD

Ten Tales

I tried to play the game, but it wouldn't open. Happened the same as sweetoleander...

I had look for solution from certain forums. it's either

1. you have to download and install RTP(run time package) for rpgmaker xp. download from here (select program rpg maker xp).


2. Other option is to download trial version of RPG maker xp and select install only the RGSS-RTP Standard file option into your computer. This supposed to repaired the missing files.

re-download the game, extract it & see if it works.

Ten Tales

Wizaed's wand? I guess that's the final puzzle reminds. Any Clues on where to find it?

You must find the missing bride and brought her to the church where the groom
is & reunite them. The missing bride will appear once you placed all missing food on table (she is in the form of a bride doll which sit in the middle of the table) at Ichigo's party.